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JANUARY 29 2014 - Pet Rocks

Turn ordinary rocks and pebbles found in your yard into extraordinary & colorful pet rock monsters!

JANUARY 29 2014 - Watermelon Pops

We just can’t get enough watermelon around our house this summer!  Partly because it is so delicious and partly because it is so nutritious!  Click here to find out some of watermelon’s nutrition benefits. And because my kids love popsicles, and their mom doesn’t love all the added sugar and artificial dyes in them – we make a lot […]

JANUARY 29 2014 - Keep Your Children Safe Online

Children grow up fast. Sometimes it feels like yesterday when junior just learned to crawl, and today he or she is going online to check out the latest homework assignment or chat with a friend through a new app. While parents and caregivers may not be as tech savvy as young people today, there are […]

JULY 5 2013 - Don’t Post This Online

Being a parent in today’s world isn’t easy. With social media now a part of everyday life you’re likely to feel overly secure online. The threats don’t seem real. The horror stories you hear are likely to be chalked up to sensationalist reporting and a “that couldn’t happen to me” mentality. Regardless of where you […]

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Super Mario Flash