Family Dinners: They’re More Important Than You Think

dinnerIn the age of technology, work, and little league games the family dinner seems to have taken a back seat to other “priorities” in life. More and more families are content running through a fast food drive thru to quickly grab dinner before heading to ballet or basketball practice, instead of enjoying a meal together at the dinner table.

Family dinners, while they seem to be dying, need to be revived. They’re incredibly important for several reasons.

  1. Health | Family dinners are exponentially more healthy than meals eaten at fast food restaurants. For the health of your family we encourage you to eat home cooked meals. While cooking at home can be difficult, there are several meals that can be made ahead of the time, frozen, and reheated within 30 minutes.
  2. Bonding | There’s a philosophy that believes the best bonding occurs over delicious food and drink. We believe quality bonding can occur over a meal with your children. Ask them open-ended questions about their day, friends, and school. You’ll be surprised at what they’re willing to share.
  3. Exposure | Use family time to expose your children to new foods, particularly vegetables. Make it fun and get creative. The more variety children are exposed to the less picky they will be as adults.