Why We Decided To Create A Facebook For Kids

facebook for kidsKids Social Network is often referred to as a Facebook for kids. The reason is obvious. We provide a safe online space for children under 18 to interact, share photos, learn, and play games without the threat of online predators.

To ensure your children are safe on our social network all interaction is monitored by law enforcement.

While it may be the 21st century we still think kids need to be kids. At the same time they need to be taught to use technology in a positive, productive manner. Kids Social Network does just that . We give children the opportunity to interact with peers around the world, learn new skills through our video library, and practice using technology all in a safe zone. For premium subscribers we even offer a lockdown browser, which allows you as a parent to control which website your children visit and automatically blogs adult content and language.

If you’re interested in learning more about what Kids Social Network can offer your children and family visit this page.