Jaimie thinks her new house is full of tigers!

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The first time Jaimie saw the new house was in winter. Snow reached to the tops of her boots and covered the shed at the bottom of the garden so that it looked like a snow house.

Tiger time!Mom said, “When we move here in the spring, I’m afraid this garden will be a jungle.”

Jaimie shivered. Tigers lived in the jungle.

Spring came at last. On moving day it was almost suppertime before the van drove off. Jaimie unpacked her toys. Through the open window, she heard the wind blowing in the grass. It sounded like swishing tiger tails.

After supper and a story, Jaimie climbed out of bed to take another look at the garden. Moonlight made the hedge look like jagged mountains, and turned the shed into a jungle cave. A cloud covered the moon, and the garden grew darker. Tiger time!

Then Jaimie heard a noise in the quiet night.


It must be a tiger prowling. Were green tiger eyes watching her?

Jaimie jumped back into bed and pulled the comforter over her head. It took a long time to get to sleep on the first night in the new house.

The next morning Jaimie went straight to the end of the garden. There were no tiger tracks in front of the shed door, which was open a crack.

Jaimie climbed on an upturned bucket and sang loudly:

I’m the king of the castle.
Get down you no-good rascal!

“That will scare away the tiger,” she said. She pushed open the door of the shed and walked in. The door swung shut behind her.

A spiders web, with a fat fly caught in the middle, hung across the window. Jaimie looked around. There was a rusty lawn mower, a broken wicker laundry basket, a blue china saucer with a crack in it, and a cane rocking chair with a hole in the seat. Jaimie sat on top of the hole and rocked.


"I'm the king of the castle."Just as she was remembering where she had heard that sound before, she saw her mother propping the door open with a bucket.

“I’m going to try out the lawn mower,” said Mom.

“Is this a jungle?” Jaime asked.

“I hope not,” said Mom.

For the rest of the day Jaimie and her mother pulled weeds and piled cut grass into the wheelbarrow.

When they had finished, there was nowhere for a tiger to hide. That night Jaimie fell asleep quickly.

Very early next morning Jaimie heard the noise again.


Jaimie ran to the shed, the short grass tickling her bare feet. Inside, covering the hole on the chair seat, a big orange-and-black cat was sleeping. The cat’s green, gleaming eyes opened once to look at Jaimie, then closed again.


Jaimie hurried to get some milk. She poured it from the carton into the blue saucer. A little spilled onto the floor.

The cat slipped down, padded over to Jaimie, and lapped up every drop. Then she climbed into the basket, and Jaimie heard a different sound.


Jaimie looked. The basket was full of furry orange-and-black faces. Kittens!

The mother cat settled down in the basket with her kittens. Jamie sat in the rocking chair.


Jaimie’s mother looked into the shed. “Time to get dressed,” she said.

“Shh,” whispered Jaime. “This shed is full of tigers.”