Six new activities for summer fun.

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Play Outside!

Keep It Moving!Keep It Moving!
Form a circle with some friends. Together, keep a ball or balloon moving without letting it touch the ground. Try to increase the number of hits each time you play. As you improve, add a rule that nobody can hit the ball twice in a row.


Partner Pull-UpPartner Pull-Up
Sit on soft ground facing a friend, with your feet touching your friend’s feet. Reach forward and grab hands. Pull together so that both of you stand up, then try to return to a sitting position.


Beach-Ball BalanceBeach-Ball Balance
Mark lines for “start” and “finish.” Partner up with a friend, and carry a beach ball between your heads from one point to the other. Race against other teams.


Tricky ToesTricky Toes
Fill a wading pool with about five inches of water. With a parent’s permission, gather some friends and stand barefoot in a circle in the pool. Pass marbles around the circle using only your feet. No hands allowed!


Bucket RaceBucket Race
Line up your friends between two buckets—one empty, one full. The person closest to the full bucket fills a cup with water, then passes it down the line. The last person pours the water into the empty bucket, then runs to the beginning of the line to start the process again. Keep going until the empty bucket is full. Race against another team.


Lay a blanket on the ground, and place a beach ball (the “grasshopper”) in the middle. Stand around the blanket with your friends and pick it up. Work together to make the grasshopper hop, but don’t let it touch the ground.