Terry learns the secret of Hide and Seek.

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"One, Two, Three for Terry!"“Let’s play Hide and Seek,” Terry said to his big sister and brother one rainy afternoon.

“Not It!” shouted Amy.

“Not It!” shouted Spence.

Terry sighed. “I’m always the first one to be It,” he said as he followed Amy and Spence down to the basement.

Terry counted to twenty. He found Amy first, so she had to be It after his turn.

As Amy began to count, Terry looked around for the best hiding place.

“They’ll never find me here,” he thought, ducking behind the drapes. He made himself as skinny as he could and hardly breathed at all.

“Nineteen, twenty,” Amy finished counting. “Ready or not—here I come! One, two, three for Terry behind the drapes. You’re It.”

“You must have X-ray eyes,” Terry declared. Amy just giggled and searched for Spence.

Terry took his turn being It again. This time, he found Spence first.

When Spence was It, Terry said, “Please don’t count so fast. I’m going to find the best hiding place ever.”

"They'll never find me here."He ran around the basement, looking everywhere. At last he ducked into the open closet and hid in the corner.

“They’ll never find me here,” he thought as he arranged the coats in front of him. Then he stood as still as a rock.

“Here I come!” called Spence.

Terry waited, his stomach quivering with excitement. Spence called out, “One, two, three for—”

Terry grinned. He was sure he would hear Amy’s name, but Spence finished “—Terry in the closet!”

Terry stomped out. “How can you two find me so fast?” he asked.

Amy and Spence just looked at each other and smiled.

“Start counting so we can hide,” said Amy. She walked around the room, searching for a new hiding place.

Terry turned to the wall and started to count. He looked down so that he couldn’t see Amy and Spence hide. Suddenly he realized why he was so easy to find. And he knew just what he would do the next time he hid.

He finished counting quickly. He found Amy behind the toy box first, then Spence under the steps.

Amy hid her eyes and began to count.

Terry grinned as he carried out his plan.

"But I'M not there!"“Ready or not—here I come!” shouted Amy. “One, two, three for Terry behind the drapes again.” Amy continued looking until she found Spence.

“Come on out, Terry,” said Spence, crawling from under the table. “Amy found you behind the drapes. We can see your red shoes.”

“But I’M not there!” shouted Terry. Laughing, he ran in his socks from behind the big chair to touch base before Amy could catch him.