Emily gets a special birthday present from her family.

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What did she want?

“Emily, what would you like for your birthday?” Mom and Dad asked.

“A baby doll!” yelled her sister Jill.

“Roller skates!” cried her sister Beth.

“A puppy dog!” shouted her brother, Sam.

“A day,” Emily said to Mom and Dad. “A day for only me to be with you.” She loved her sisters and brother dearly, but sometimes she wanted Mom and Dad to herself.

A walk in the woods.“We can do that Saturday,” Mom and Dad said.

Saturday morning, Jill and Beth and Sam sang “Happy Birthday” to wake up Emily. “You’re the birthday girl today,” they said.

When Emily came to breakfast, they had already eaten. Only Emily ate breakfast with Mom and Dad.

After breakfast, Dad took Emily for a walk in the woods. They looked for the new flowers coming up through last year’s leaves. They listened for the birds’ songs. They crossed a stream on stepping stones. Only Emily and Dad.

Mom took Emily out for lunch. They sat at a little table for just the two of them. Only Emily and Mom. There was a vase of flowers on the table and green-and-white napkins.

"It's my birthday."Emily ordered her lunch from the waitress. “It’s my birthday,” Emily told her. When the waitress brought Emily’s sandwich, there was a pink birthday candle stuck in it.

After lunch, Emily and Mom went shopping for Emily’s birthday party. They bought a tablecloth and napkins that said “Happy Birthday.” They bought balloons and prizes and a game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

Jill, Beth, Sam, and Emily’s friends came to her party. They brought presents.

Emily blew out the candles and made a wish.There was a birthday cake with candles. Only Emily’s name was written on the cake. Emily blew out the candles and made a wish, and then everyone had a piece of cake.

“What did you wish?” asked the children.

“It’s a secret,” said Emily. “If I tell, the wish won’t come true.”

At bedtime, Dad read a story only to Emily. Then he and Mom sat only on Emily’s bed. They talked about Emily’s nice day.

Jill and Beth and Sam came in to say good night to the birthday girl.

“Will you tell us your wish now?” Jill asked.

"My wish came true."“I wished that my birthday would be the best day ever,” Emily said.

“Was it?” asked Beth.

“Yes.” Emily snuggled happily under the covers.

The next morning when Emily got up, she was no longer the birthday girl. She was only Emily, with two sisters, a brother, and a mom and dad.

And that was exactly who Emily wanted to be.