Can anyone save Matthew's Bunny Brown? Maybe Mr. Taylor can.

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How long the day seemed!Mr. Oliver had been a tailor all his life. Nothing pleased him more than to make just the right pants or vest or dress for someone.

But then Mr. Oliver retired. Now that he stayed home every day, he couldn’t think of anything to do. One morning he stood by the front window and looked at his watch. It was time for the school bus. Matthew, the boy across the street, ran out of his house and climbed onto the bus. Mr. Oliver waved at him, and Matthew waved back.

Mrs. Oliver was standing by her easel. “Maybe you should try painting a picture,” she said. “It’s fun.”

He tried painting. Mrs. Oliver put his picture on the refrigerator, but painting pictures didn’t make Mr. Oliver happy.

“Why don’t you bake something?” Mrs. Oliver suggested. “Baking is fun.”

“I like to eat cookies,” Mr. Oliver said. “But I don’t think I’d like to bake them.”

Mr. Oliver looked at his watch. It was a very long day. He walked to the park, but no one was there.

Mr. Oliver walked home and sat down on his front porch, waiting for Matthew to come home from school.

When Matthew crossed the street to visit, he brought his toy bunny. Matthew sat down beside Mr. Oliver.

“You look sad,” Mr. Oliver said. “Is anything the matter?”"My mom can't mend him anymore."

“Yes,” Matthew said. “It’s Bunny Brown. He’s all worn out, and I have to store him away in a trunk.”

“I see,” said Mr. Oliver.

Matthew brushed one hand across his eyes. “Bunny Brown has slept with me every night since I was a baby.”

“I know you’ll miss him,” Mr. Oliver said.

“My mom can’t mend him anymore,” Matthew said. “And his stuffing is mostly gone. But I still love him.” Just then Matthew’s mom called him home for supper.

Mr. Oliver sat on the porch late that night. He thought and thought about what he could do.

The next morning Mr. Oliver waved good-bye to Matthew and the school bus. Then he crossed the street and knocked on Matthew’s door. He came home with a bundle under his arm.

All day Mrs. Oliver heard humming and whirring noises coming from Mr. Oliver’s room. She smiled when she heard her husband whistling happily.

That afternoon Mr. Oliver waited on his porch for Matthew to come home from school. He checked his watch and was surprised to see how quickly the time had passed.

What was sitting beside Mr. Oliver?Matthew waved when he got off the bus. In a little while he came out of his house and slowly crossed the street. But he ran fast when he saw what was sitting beside Mr. Oliver. It was Bunny Brown.

But now Bunny Brown’s tummy was fat with stuffing. Bunny was wearing a green shirt with a pocket and pants with red suspenders. His bunny ears poked out of a bunny hat, and his bunny mouth was smiling. Matthew hugged Bunny Brown and looked up at Mr. Oliver.

“I didn’t know you were a toy doctor,” Matthew said.

“I just found out myself,” said Mr. Oliver happily. “And I need you for my helper.”

Toy Hospital: Dr. Oliver on call day or nightThe next morning Matthew and Mr. Oliver put up posters and handed out flyers. They hung a big sign on the porch.

Doctor Oliver became so busy fixing dolls and mending stuffed animals that he hardly looked at his watch at all.