Only ten minutes until church and Henry, the choir's soloist, can't stop hiccupping!

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Henry's Horrendous Hiccups

Henry sang in the Angel Choir at his church every Sunday morning. He had a wonderful voice.

“Just listen!” exclaimed the choirmaster.

“My boy,” Henry’s grandmother sighed.

“Wow!” said the other kids in the choir.

Today was a special day. Henry was going to sing a solo. He had practiced all week long. He was ready.

Just before the church service, the choir practiced their music in the choir room. When it was Henry’s turn, he stood up and began to sing. But not for long.

Hiccup! Hiccup!

“Get a drink of water,” said the choirmaster. Henry got a drink.


“Hold your breath,” said Toby. Henry held his breath until he began to turn red.


“Give him a sugar cube,” advised Mrs. Beesley, the church organist. “That’ll do the trick.”

Henry ate a sugar cube. He waited.


Everyone groaned.

“Only ten minutes until church,” moaned the choirmaster.

“Somebody do something!” yelled Toby.

“BOO!” screamed Alexis.

Henry jumped off his chair and knocked it over. “You scared me,” he said.

Everyone waited.

Hiccup! Henry covered his mouth. Hiccup!

“Those hiccups are horrendous!” bellowed the choirmaster.

“Only five minutes until we sing,” whispered Mrs. Beesley.

“What are we going to do?” whined Toby.

“Give him castor oil,” advised Henry’s grandma, who had come to watch him rehearse. “It works on everything.”

So Henry swallowed some castor oil. He coughed and gagged.


“Two more minutes! We have to do something!” shouted Alexis.

“Tickle him!” yelled Jimmy.

So everyone tickled Henry.

Henry squealed and hollered. “Ha, ha, ha! Quit that!” He ran to get away from the tickling.

“Get him!” said Toby. Everyone ran around the room chasing Henry. They tickled him whenever they could.

Suddenly Henry tripped. Everyone chasing Henry tripped over him. What a sight! The whole choir, Mrs. Beesley, Henry’s grandma, and the choirmaster were all tangled up.

“One minute,” yelled the choirmaster. Everyone got up and straightened each other’s robes.

“Time to go!” said Mrs. Beesley.

Hiccup!“Hey!” said Henry. “Listen. My hiccups are gone.”

Everyone listened. Henry’s hiccups WERE gone! “Hooray!” they cried.

The choirmaster and the choir went into the church.

Reverend Whitney made some announcements and finally introduced the choir. The choirmaster stood up and raised his arms.

Henry stood up. He smiled. He was ready.

The music began, and Henry began to sing. But not for long . . .