It's a good thing Tyler isn't bothered by squeaks in the floorboard--especially since Squeak is a mo

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"What's that?"

“What’s that?” asked Tyler.

“Oh, just squeaks in the floorboard,” said Mom. “Don’t worry, I can get rid of squeaks.”

“Oh no,” said Squeaks, the little gray mouse who lived under the wooden floor.

“They know I’m here, and they plan to get rid of me!” He packed up his small red suitcase. “I’ll have to move.”

"I didn't know someone lived here."In the morning, Tyler finished his breakfast. He went to the sink to rinse out his cereal bowl. He turned on the faucet.


“What’s that?” asked Tyler.

“Oh, just rumbles in the water pipes,” said Tyler’s big sister.

“Oh no,” said Squeaks, who had found a cozy new home under the kitchen sink.

“I didn’t know that someone already lived here. Now I’ll have to move.”

That night it was very windy. The wind whooshed down the chimney, rattling the metal vent.

"Someone lives here, too!"RATTLE, RATTLE!

“What’s that?” asked Tyler.

“Oh, just rattles in the chimney,” said Dad.

“Oh no,” said Squeaks, who had just snuggled into a corner of the big fireplace.

“Someone lives here, too! I’ll have to find another place to live.” He packed up his small red suitcase. “But where can I go?”

Tyler got ready for bed. He was ready for a good-night kiss.

Mom walked into his room. She carefully stepped over the squeaky floorboard.

Tyler looked sad.

“What’s wrong?” asked Mom.

“I like squeaks in the floorboard,” said Tyler.

"I miss squeaks in the floorboard"“Oh, I can fix that,” said Squeaks as he unpacked his small red suitcase.

“I can fix that,” said Mom. She walked back across the noisy wooden floorboard.


Tyler smiled.

So did Squeaks.