A funny story of a bubble family's need to be heard.

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BubblesLike most families, bubble families need to talk to one another. And when they get together with other bubble families, they want to talk to their friends.

But the bubbles had a problem. They all had very soft voices. They said things like “burbl-l-l” and “bloop, bloop” and “blop.” It was almost impossible to make themselves heard.

In the kitchen sink the dishes went “clink, clank, clunk” in the dishwater. Everyone SAW the bubbles, but no one heard what they said.

In the bath the toy boats went “brrrm,” and the rubber duck went “quack, qua-a-ck” and the children laughed and splashed. Everyone SAW the bubbles, but no one heard what they said.

When the floor was being washed or the dog was being bathed or the car was being cleaned—everyone SAW the bubbles, but no one heard what they said.

The bubbles wished for a quiet place where they could go to have a chat.

Then one day when Jonathon and his mom were out shopping, they bought a big red bubble blower and a jar of special soapy liquid. At home they poured the liquid into a bowl. Jonathon carried the bowl and the bubble blower outside and sat down on the sidewalk. It was sunny and quiet with just enough breeze.

If you're quiet, you might hear them.He blew one great big bubble.

“Burbl-l-l,” it whispered. He blew again. “Bloop, bloo-oop.”

He dipped his bubble blower in and out of the liquid.

Jonathon smiled and listened. He held his bubble blower under the liquid and blew and blew and blew. The bowl filled with bubbles—big ones, small ones, tiny ones—all with rainbow jackets and smooth, shiny skin.

Jonathon listened. The bubbles talked and laughed and whispered. They told funny jokes. They made up scary stories.

After a while, Jonathon carefully poured the soapy liquid back into the bottle. The bubbles sighed happily. For once, they had nothing more to say.