Just what is a Green Glooper, anyway?

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A green glooper made a nest on our front porch.

It was a different kind of pet.“Don’t feed it,” said Mom. “Maybe it will go away.”

We didn’t feed it, and it didn’t go away. It liked us. Every time it saw us, it glooped.

Aunt Jody came to visit. “What’s that thing?” she asked Mom.

“A green glooper,” Mom said.“It wants to be our pet.”

“You mean like a cat or a dog?” Aunty Jody asked.

“Different,” said Mom. “Cats purr. Dogs wag their tails. Gloopers gloop.”

“What’s glooping?” asked Aunty Jody.

“You’ll see,” Mom said.

The glooper liked Aunty Jody. It jumped up beside her and glooped her on the cheek.

“Yuck!” she cried. “I’ve just been kissed by a glob of green jelly!”

The green glooper would not stay outside. It ran through the house glooping people.

Every time it saw us, it glooped.

It glooped Mom while she was making pancakes.

It glooped Dad while he was shaving.

Every morning it jumped up on our beds and glooped us awake.

But the person it liked best was Aunt Jody. It followed her around the house. Gloop! Gloop! Gloop!

We were all tired of being glooped. Aunt Jody said to Mom, “That glooper has to go.”

Mom said to Dad, “The glooper has to go.”

Dad said to the green glooper, “You have to go. I’m taking you to the pet shop.”

But the house was quiet without the glooper.

We all missed it.We all missed it, and we missed the glooping.

“I was wrong,” Aunt Jody said to Mom. “The glooper has to come back.”

“It has to come back,” Mom said to Dad.

“Yes, it has to come back,” said Dad. “Let’s go to the pet shop.”

The glooper was so pleased to be back home, it couldn’t stop glooping.

“Oh well,” said Aunt Jody. “There are worse things in the world than being kissed by a glob of green jelly.”