In different places around the world, people need different kinds of homes.

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What does a house look like?
A house might be a trailer in a field or a log cabin in the woods. It might be a structure under the ground or a second-story apartment in a city. In different places, people need different kinds of homes.

Round House
This round home is on Lamu Island, off the coast of Kenya in Africa. Round houses can stand up to harsh winds that blow off the ocean. If the wind met a square house, it would push against the straight walls. But when the wind meets a round house, it travels along the outside and moves away.
Round House    
Trailer   This trailer is parked at the edge of a pasture where sheep are grazing. A shepherd lives inside the trailer. He can move his home when his flock needs fresh grass.
Underground Home   Summer temperatures can soar above 130 degrees Fahrenheit in Coober Pedy, Australia. Coober Pedy is a mining town. Miners make underground homes for their families because itís cooler under the ground.
Underground Home    
Waterfront Homes   In Venice, Italy, tall homes stand side by side along the canals. When the tide rises, the canals fill with seawater. People can stay dry living on the upper floors of these homes.
Waterfront Homes    
Log Cabin   Itís difficult to bring housing materials to places that donít have roads. Here, people have cut down trees on their wilderness land in Alaska. Theyíve used the logs to build this one-room log cabin.
Log Cabin    
City Apartment   Cities around the world have large numbers of people living in them. Sometimes a business will share a building with families. This apartment in Havana, Cuba, sits above a neighborhood market.
City Apartment