There are enough holidays to fill every day of the year. Here are a few of them.

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Everyone knows about New Year’s Eve and Independence Day. But did you know that there are enough holidays to fill every day of the year? Here are just a few we found interesting.

World Hello DayWorld Hello Day
Hello. Guten Tag. Buenos días. To celebrate this day, say hello to at least ten different people.

World Hello Day began in the autumn of 1973, shortly after the end of a war in the Middle East. Brian and Michael McCormack of Omaha, Nebraska, wondered what they could do to encourage world peace and help prevent further conflicts. They felt the best way to promote peace was by getting people to talk with one another.

The McCormacks sent letters to the leaders of every country in the world about the first World Hello Day. They wrote the letters in as many different languages as they could. Officials wrote back from sixteen countries and encouraged Brian and Michael to make World Hello Day a yearly event. The holiday has been held on the third Sunday of November every year since. “It lets everyone in the world contribute to the process of creating peace,” says Michael McCormack.

People from 179 countries have participated in World Hello Day, and the McCormacks have received letters from many famous people congratulating them for their efforts. They include Pope John Paul II, former U.S. President Ronald Reagan, and Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain.

International Day of the SealInternational Day of the Seal
March 22 is the official International Day of the Seal. But the National Zoological Park in Washington, D.C., and many other zoos, aquariums, and research centers around the world celebrate this holiday on the third weekend of March. The holiday was created to tell people about the dangers seals face from pollution, oil spills, fishing nets, and collisions with boats.

At the National Zoological Park, you can tour exhibits of seals and other marine mammals to find out how they live and ways to help preserve their habitats. You can also learn about the hundreds of seals that are rescued and eventually returned to the wild. You can even meet a seal.

Do It! DayDo It! Day
Are you a person who puts off things until later—a procrastinator? Here’s a day to finish all those chores you’ve been meaning to do.

Do It! Day is celebrated on the first Wednesday in September, but you can schedule your own day whenever you need it. That way, little chores won’t pile up so quickly.

“The whole idea is to feel good about getting things done,” says the founder of Do It! Day, Ethel Cook. She came up with the idea as part of her work helping businesses get organized. Cook hopes everyone will turn their Do Its into Did Its.