Lost and Found

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As Rachel stood and looked around the mall, she cried as if her heart would break. "Are you lost?" someone asked her.

"Y-yes." Rachel sobbed as she nodded her head.

She knew the man talking to her was a security guard--her mother had pointed him out to her. "If you ever get lost," her mother had said, "ask a security guard for help. Don't go with anyone else!"

"Will you take me to the lost and found?" asked Rachel through tears.

"Something like that," said the guard with a smile. Rachel clung tightly to his hand as he led her to the information center. Then her description was given over the loudspeaker.

Rachel's mother soon came hurrying down the hallway, tears in her eyes. "Oh, honey," said Mom as she knelt down to hug her daughter, "I'm so glad to see you! I've been looking everywhere for you!" She turned to thank the guard for his help, then taking Rachel's hand, they left the mall.

"I'm like the little sheep you read about in my Bible storybook last night," decided Rachel as they drove home. "We both got lost, and that little sheep must have been scared, just like me. I was so scared all by myself."

"I know," said Mom. A moment later she added, "You know what? Everyone is a little like you."

"Is everybody lost?" Rachel asked.

"Until they know Jesus, they are," replied Mom. "The sheep strayed away from the shepherd, and the Bible says everyone has strayed from God--everybody does wrong things. The shepherd went to search for the lost sheep, and Jesus came to earth to find and save lost boys and girls and men and women."

"After Sunday school one day, I told Jesus I was sorry I was naughty and I asked Him to save me," said Rachel soberly, "and He did, didn't He?"

"That's right," agreed Mom.

"And He was glad, wasn't He?" asked Rachel with a smile. "Just like you were glad when you found me!"

Mom smiled, too. "Oh, yes!" she replied. "There's joy in heaven whenever a lost sheep is found."

How About You?
Have you thought of yourself as someone who is lost? That's what you are if you don't know Jesus as your Savior. But He came to this earth to find you--to "seek and to save" you. Will you sincerely confess your sin and trust in Jesus as your Savior? Then you won't be lost anymore, and you'll never be all alone because God will never leave you. Put your trust in Him today. (See the ABCs of Salvation by clicking on this link: http://www.cbhministries.org/ForKids/ABCsofSalvation.aspx.)

Today's Key Verse:
The Son of Man (Jesus) has come to seek and to save that which was lost.
(Luke 19:10)

Today's Key Thought:
Be found forever