Created Different

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"I wish I were funny like Evan," Jake said as he slumped into a chair at the kitchen table. "Everyone likes him. Evan says things that make the whole class laugh. Whenever I try to tell jokes, nobody laughs. Dad, how can I be funny?"

Dad hesitated. "Well, now, let's think about you for a minute," he said. "You told me how great Evan is. What is great about you?"

"Me?" Jake shrugged. "I don't know. Nothing, I guess."

"Oh, I think there is," said Dad. "I've noticed that you're very helpful and kind to everyone. I'm very proud of who you are, even if you aren't as funny as Evan."

"Well, I'd rather be like Evan," Jake muttered as he got up and walked away.

On Saturday, Jake was eager to play with his soccer team in the local youth league. Before the game began, the team gathered, and the coach explained that one of the starting forwards would be late. "You'll play forward for a while instead of goalie, Jake," said the coach. "Pete will be goalie to start."

During the first quarter, the team did not play as well as usual. Jake struggled with his footwork as a forward, and the other team scored as the goalie fumbled. "Wow, Cole! I'm glad to see you!" exclaimed Jake when the missing teammate showed up. Jake gratefully returned to his regular position as goalie. During the rest of the game, he skillfully protected the goal, and his team celebrated a hard-earned victory.

"I sure didn't like playing forward today. I'm so much better at goalie," Jake commented on the way home. "I'm glad the rest of the guys like other positions and don't all want to be goalies."

"I'm glad, too. You're definitely gifted in that position, but a team of all goalies wouldn't be a good team, would it?" said Dad with a smile. After a moment, he added, "By the way, Jake, do you remember saying you wished you were like Evan?" Jake nodded. "Well, what if all of us were funny? It would be kind of like a team with all goalies. God created each of us different, and that's a good thing. He created you to be you, not Evan. You'll always shine most when you're being you, not when you're trying to be like someone else."

Jake was thoughtful. "Okay, Dad," he said. "I'll work at being me instead of someone I'm not."

How About You?
Do you ever wish you were more like someone else? Do you want to be more athletic? Or more artistic and creative? Do you think you're too shy? Or too talkative? God made everyone different, and sometimes you may wish He had made you more like someone else. Remember that God gave each person special talents and abilities. What are some things that are great about you? Thank God today for creating you exactly the way you are!

Today's Key Verse:
I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
(Psalm 139:14)

Today's Key Thought:
Be thankful God made you to be YOU