Special Candles

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Jenny could hardly sit still as she waited, eyes closed, for Mom to bring in her birthday cake. Even with her eyes shut, she could tell that the overhead light had been turned out. "Okay, sweetie! Open your eyes!" said Dad at last. Jenny blinked as her eyes adjusted to the light created by the glowing candles held by nine colorful, frosting angels on top of a beautiful birthday cake.

"Okay, make a wish and blow the candles out," said her brother Colby. "And you gotta get 'em all out or you don't get your wish, you know."

Jenny nodded and closed her eyes again, but she knew getting a wish didn't really have anything to do with whether or not candles were burning. I wish . . . she thought. Ah-h-h . . . I wish all my days will be as happy as this one. She opened her eyes, blew out the candles, and reached for the cake knife. "Oops!" she exclaimed when every candle started burning again. "I thought I blew them out, but they all started back up!"

Dad tried not to laugh. "Better blow them out again, Jenny," he suggested.

"I'll blow harder this time," said Jenny. She took a deep breath and blew extra hard. Once again all the candles went out, but one by one they sparked and soon were burning again. Jenny was speechless.

Colby burst into laughter. "Got ya, Jenny," he teased. "We put special candles on your cake! No matter how hard you try to blow the light out, it will always come back!"

"Cool!" Jenny exclaimed. Then she jokingly glared at him. "But I better still get my wish even if the candles didn't stay out!" she added.

Jenny, Colby, and Dad all tried to blow the candles out a few more times. They laughed together as the lights kept coming back.

"While you're all just having fun," said Mom with a smile, "I'm thinking of a lesson those candles can teach us. They're sort of like the light that glows within us when we know Jesus as Savior."

"So are we special candles for God?" Jenny asked with a smile.

"Something like that," said Dad. "No matter how hard Satan tries to blow out our lights, God never lets Him succeed, though we sometimes don't let our lights shine as we should. Let's be sure to always shine brightly for our Lord."

How About You?
Are you a Christian? If so, is your light shining brightly for Jesus? It's as though you were chosen by God as His special candle to share His light with others. You do this by telling them about Him and showing His love for them through kind actions. Satan would like to put your light out, but he can't. God won't let anything separate you from Himself. Thank Him for that, and let your light shine brightly for Him every day!

Today's Key Verse:
Shine as lights in the world. (Philippians 2:15)

Today's Key Thought:
Shine for Jesus