Protective Gear

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"Brian, grab your catcher's equipment and I'll help you practice," called Dad as he opened the back door. Brian scrambled from the floor, grabbed his gear, and rushed out the door. His little sister Kristen was close behind him.

Brian stopped on the patio and pulled the chest protector over his head. He strapped it together on each side. Then he slipped the plastic shin guards over each leg and fastened the straps. Finally he pulled on the catcher's mask and grabbed his mitt. "Ready!" he called as he ran out to the backyard.

Brian bent down and steadied himself in the catcher's position. Dad wound up and pitched the ball to Brian as hard as he could. The ball bounced off Brian's mitt, popped up, and struck his face mask hard.

Kristen, who was watching, gasped and ran toward her brother. "Brian, are you hurt?" she asked. "That ball hit your face!"

"No, it's okay, Kristy," said Brian. "I'm not hurt. The mask stopped the ball from hurting me. See?" Smiling, he lifted his mask to show his sister that his face was all right.

"Oh-h-h," breathed Kristen. "The ball hit you really hard. I was sure it hurt you bad!"

Brian smiled. "I'm fine," he assured her, and he and Dad resumed their practice.

For family devotions that evening, Dad chose to read about the armor of God. "Today you kids saw how sports equipment protects and keeps bodies from getting hurt," he said. "God gives protection for our spiritual well-being, too. The armor of God protects us from Satan's evil tricks."

Kristen looked surprised. "You mean we don't have to be afraid of him?"

"That's right, honey," said Dad. "When we wear God's armor--when we trust God and follow His directions for our lives--He protects us from Satan's schemes and deception. Satan has no real power over us, because Jesus defeated him at the cross."

Brian grinned. "I know all the pieces of equipment I need to protect me when I'm the catcher in our ball games," he said. "I guess I better learn all the parts of God's armor, too."

Kristen nodded. "Me, too," she agreed.

How About You?
Do you sometimes feel that you're too weak to fight Satan? God provides His own armor to protect you: truth, righteousness, peace, faith, salvation, and His Word. Satan is powerful, but he's no match for God--or for the Christian wearing the armor of God! Is each part of that armor an obvious part of your life?

Today's Key Verse:
Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. (Ephesians 6:11)

Today's Key Thought:
Put on God's armor