Poisoned Arrows

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"I don't know why Dan had to invite Josh Blackwell to Bible Club at our house tomorrow," grumbled Tony as he hung up the phone. "I think Josh has issues with his mind--his mother's in a mental health facility."

Mom frowned. "Remember when I had back surgery?" she asked. "What if your friends had said, 'Don't play football with Tony. He probably has issues with his back, like his mom'?"

"That would be silly!" exclaimed Tony. "Your back doesn't affect mine!"

"Why is an ill mind different from an injured body?" asked Mom.

Tony had no answer.

Josh came to Bible Club, and when it ended, Tony invited the boys to try out his new archery set. Most of them were eager to shoot the arrows, and they did quite well. But Josh hung back. "Here, Josh," said Tony after a while. "You try it."

Josh hesitantly took a turn. The others all saw that his arrow hit far from the bull's-eye on the target. "Wow, Josh! You better get glasses," hooted one of the boys, and the others laughed. Josh turned to slowly walk away, and another boy took the bow.

Just then Jodi, Tony's four-year-old sister, ran across the lawn. "Jodi! Stay out of the way!" Tony screamed--but it was too late. An arrow glanced off her forehead. Mom came running, and soon they were on the way to the emergency room.

"Your sister needed six stitches," Mom told Tony when she brought Jodi home, "but she'll be fine." She sighed as she added, "I wish the wounds Josh received this afternoon would heal as easily as Jodi's."

"Was Josh hurt?" asked Tony in surprise.

"Yes," replied Mom. "He was hurt today--and many times in the past, too. The Bible says words shot out by the tongue can be like sharp arrows. And the book of James says the tongue is full of deadly poison." Mom shook her head sadly. "You boys have hurt Josh badly."

Tony stared at his feet, ashamed as he remembered the part he had sometimes played in "shooting arrows" at Josh.

How About You?
Do you know kids who have family problems? Who need friends? Who have been hurt by sharp word "arrows"? Be especially kind to them. Your love and understanding is needed. Remember that the Bible warns against hurting others with your tongue. Do you need to apologize to someone for words you have said? If so, do it today.

Today's Key Verse:
A man who bears false witness against his neighbor is like . . . a sharp arrow. (Proverbs 25:18)

Today's Key Thought:
Words can hurt