Tree House or Rock?

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"Hi, Mom." Ryan stopped at the kitchen door to swing his backpack off his shoulder. His mother was busy packing groceries into a crate.

Mom looked up and smiled. "Hi, honey," she said. "We're going camping."

"Now?" Ryan asked in surprise. "A whole week before school is out?"

Mom put an arm around his shoulder. "The farmers in this part of Africa have received threats. You've probably heard about the farm invasions, haven't you?" Ryan nodded. "Well, we've been advised to go away for a week or two until things calm down," Mom explained.

"But . . ." Ryan's voice felt choked. He loved being in Africa where his family was serving God as missionaries. "We'll come back though, right?"

"I hope so," said Mom, "but the main thing is we'll all be together and safe."

Ryan ducked outside and climbed into his old tree house. He looked out across the dry African bush and saw a trail of dust from his dad's truck coming up the road. Dad got out and called up a greeting when he spotted Ryan in the tree house. Ryan waved weakly but didn't smile.

Dad pulled himself up the rickety ladder and sat down so heavily the tree house swayed. Ryan grinned. Dad looked silly with his long legs cramped into such a tiny space. "I wouldn't like to be up here during a storm," said Dad. "I'd prefer to be on solid ground in a stone castle or something."

"Mom says we have to leave," said Ryan. His voice quivered. "Will we really be safe someplace else?"

"Did you know that King David had to leave his home once?" Dad asked. "His son wanted to take over the throne so David had to flee with nothing or risk being killed."

"He did? Was he scared?" Ryan asked.

"I'm sure it was hard, but in the Psalms, David speaks of God as his rock--his refuge. He trusted God even when he had lost everything," Dad replied. "He was as secure as if he was in that castle I mentioned." Dad leaned over to hug Ryan, and Ryan squealed as the tree house tilted to one side. Dad smiled. "We need to take precautions against danger, but trusting in our own strength or in material things is like trusting in this tree house," he added. "God is the one who will take care of us. Like David, let's put our trust in Him, okay?" Smiling, Ryan nodded.

How About You?
Has it been hard for you to bear a sudden change in your life? Maybe someone close to you died, you have a new stepmom, you go to a new school, or your class got a new teacher in the middle of the year. Remember that God loves you. You can trust Him to give you comfort and strength and courage to face your problems. He is trustworthy. Let God be your safe refuge in good times and in difficult ones.

Today's Key Verse:
He (God) only is my rock and my salvation; He is my defense. (Psalm 62:6)

Today's Key Thought:
Trust God in difficult times