An Exciting Letter

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"Better get your workbook for Bible Club finished," suggested Gabriella's mother. "You haven't done that yet, have you?"

"No, I couldn't." Gabriella shrugged. "I left my Bible in my Sunday school room at church."

"There are other Bibles in the house," Mom reminded her.

"But I don't feel like looking up the answers right now. I'll do them later." Gabriella was glad the mailman came just then. It gave her an excuse to end the conversation. She hurried to the front door and picked up the pile of mail.

"Oh, Mom, look!" exclaimed Gabriella. "Here's a letter from the Wilsons, and there's a special note on the back of the envelope that says, 'Good news inside.' May I open it?" The Wilson and Lopez families had been close friends for a long time. It had been very difficult for all of them when Mr. Wilson had been transferred to Oregon. But now Gabriella was excited. "Maybe the good news means they're coming to visit!" she suggested.

"A letter from the Wilsons?" Mom shrugged. "Maybe I'll have time to read it later." She took the letter and set it on the kitchen counter.

"Later? But why not now?" Gabriella asked.

"Well, I want to sweep the floor right now, and then I want to finish the book I've been reading," said Mom. "After that, it will be time to start supper. Maybe I can read the letter tonight."

Gabriella looked at her mother in surprise. "But, Mo-o-om!" wailed Gabriella. "I can't believe you're not going to read it right away!"

Mom smiled. "Why do you find that strange?" she asked. "You have a letter containing good news, too, but you're in no hurry to open it and read it."

"I have a letter?" asked Gabriella. "What letter?"

"The Bible," said Mom. "It's God's letter to you, yet you keep putting off the time when you'll read and study it."

"Oh-h-h," murmured Gabriella. She grinned at Mom. "I'll go do those questions for Bible Club right away," she said, "but can I wait just long enough to hear the letter from the Wilsons first?"

Smiling, Mom agreed.

How About You?
Do you read the good things God has to say or do you think, "Someday when I'm older, I'll study God's Word"? Don't wait till later. The Bible contains good news! It tells how Jesus died and rose again and is someday coming back for those who love Him. It gives practical advice for your life today and for the future. Read it now--it's God's personal letter to you.

Today's Key Verse:
As cold water to a weary soul, so is good news from a far country. (Proverbs 25:25)

Today's Key Thought:
Read the Bible