Not Normal

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"Whoopee!" Johnny cried. "Out of my way! My horse is galloping through."

Danika laughed as four-year-old Johnny zoomed past on his tricycle--a cowboy hat on his head and his western-print bathrobe flapping behind him.

"He's having fun!" Mom said from where she and Danika were pulling weeds.

Danika's face clouded. "I wish I were a little kid zooming around on my tricycle," she complained. "I'd rather do that than pull weeds--or study!"

"Still having trouble studying?" Mom asked. "You need to buckle down, honey. You're at the stage of life when you have the opportunity to study and learn. Johnny's acting his age--you need to act yours."

Danika yanked the last clump of weeds and frowned. "School's a pain! If 1 were president, I'd make a law against it--and against chores, too!" she muttered.

Mom started to speak, but then suddenly grabbed the hoe and began trotting across the yard. "Yeehaw!" she whooped. "See my horse? It's a black stallion!"

"Mom!" Danika cried, jumping to her feet. "What are you doing? The neighbors will think you lost it for sure!"

Mom trotted up to Danika. "Why are you embarrassed about me but not about Johnny?"

"Because Johnny's just a little kid," Danika sputtered. "It's normal for him to do that! But you're my mom, and it's not normal!"

Mom laid aside the hoe. "But you just said you wanted to stay at Johnny's level all your life."

"I did not!" Danika cried.

"Yes, honey, in a way you did," said Mom. "It's normal to have very few responsibilities at Johnny's age, but at your age, it's not normal. If you spent every day in carefree play--if there were no such thing as chores, school, and learning--how could you mature beyond Johnny's level?" Danika dusted her hands on her jeans, her brown eyes thoughtful. "At your stage in life, even Jesus spent time learning and growing," Mom added. "He expects you to do the same."

"Okay. I get it," Danika said. Then she grinned and reached for the hoe. "I'll put your black stallion away before you decide to ride it again." Laughing, she added, "I sure am glad you and Dad act your age--and I want to act mine, too. Homework, here I come!"

How About You?
Do you ever grumble about chores, schoolwork, or other responsibilities? God created you to learn and grow through different stages in life. He doesn't want you to vegetate! Ask Him to help you make the most of each opportunity to learn. And remember that school and chores aren't the only things God expects you to buckle down and do. He wants you to learn and grow in your relationship with Him, too. That's the most important part!

Today's Key Verse:
Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
(2 Peter 3:18)

Today's Key Thought:
Learn and grow