Meant to Be Read

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"She is so my aunt!" insisted Ellie indignantly. She was trying to convince the other campers that she was the niece of the well-known author whose work was displayed on the book table. But no one would believe her. "She's one of my favorite people," added Ellie.

"If she's your aunt and you like her so much, how come you can't tell us what most of these books are about?" asked Rylie.

"Yeah." Skylar nodded. "If she gave you copies of all her books, you should be able to tell us what's in them."

Ellie bit her lower lip. "I've never read most of them," she admitted. She paused, not sure how to explain. "I used to read them when she first started sending me books, but . . . I don't really care a lot about reading, so when I get a new one now, I mostly just look at the cover and then put it away with the others."

"But, Ellie, you say she's a favorite aunt," protested Skylar. "If that's true, I should think you'd want to know what she says in all of her books."

Ellie was embarrassed. "It's just that . . ." She paused as Miss Patti, their counselor, walked up.

"Hey, gals," Miss Patti greeted them. "I overheard quite a bit of your conversation." She glanced around the group and smiled at Ellie. "This isn't Pick on Ellie day, is it?" she asked teasingly.

"No," said Skylar, "but we think she should know more about those books if the author is her aunt."

"Well . . ." Miss Patti picked up one of the books. "I think most of us are very much like Ellie," she continued. "God has given us a very important book, but we don't read it as often as we should. At least I don't." The girls knew she was referring to the Bible, and most of them knew they should read it more faithfully. "Considering how much you read it, would you have trouble convincing anyone that you love the author, or even know Him?" Miss Pattie asked. She glanced around and laid the book back on the table before leaving. "Think about it."

After Miss Patti left, not another word was said to Ellie about the way she neglected her aunt's books. Ellie touched the one Miss Patti had put down. "When I get back home, I'm going to read these books," she announced. "And I'm going to read God's book, too!"

How About You?
Do you know the author of the Bible? Do you have a copy of His book? The real question is . . . do you read it regularly? Perhaps you carry it to church and Sunday school, but what happens to it during the rest of the week? It's meant to be read. Pick it up and read at least a few verses every day. Learn what it says and put its principles into action. Live in a way that others can tell you truly do know and love the author of the Bible.

Today's Key Verse:
Holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit. (2 Peter 1:21)

Today's Key Thought:
Read God's book