Too Much Honey

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Trent sped up his grandpa's driveway and tagged the garage door. "I won! I'm the fastest runner. No one can beat me!" shouted Trent as his cousin Eli ran up.

"Good race, Trent. You are fast!" huffed Eli as he tried to catch his breath.

"I'm the best. I'll always be the race champion!" Trent sang as he did his usual victory dance. "Let's run again, Eli. I'll beat you by even more this time."

Eli shook his head. "I'm gonna go home," he said.

After Eli left, Trent went into the house, where Grandpa was fixing a snack. "Grandpa, Eli's a sore loser," complained Trent. "He left just because I always win."

Grandpa looked thoughtful as he took a jar of honey from the cupboard. "Want some of this?" Grandpa asked.

Trent took a big spoonful of honey. "Yum!" he exclaimed. "I love honey." While Grandpa mixed some lemonade, Trent helped himself to more honey. At first he gobbled it up quickly, but then ate more slowly. "Grandpa, this was so good at first, but . . ." He looked at his spoon. "I took too much. I don't think I can finish this or I'll be sick," Trent said.

Grandpa nodded. "Did you know the Bible says it's not good to eat too much honey?"

"It does?" Trent was surprised. "Where?" he asked.

"In the book of Proverbs," Grandpa replied, "and it's compared to bragging." He looked at Trent. "I heard Eli compliment you on your running speed. What did you say in reply?"

Trent's brow furrowed as he remembered how he had bragged. Putting the lid on the jar of honey, Grandpa added, "A little honey is delicious, but too much makes us feel sick. And being happy about winning a race is fine, but bragging about it is something else. It's like too much honey--and it even makes other people feel sick."

Trent was quiet. Then he nodded. "Can I call Eli? I . . . I need to apologize to him, and maybe he'd want to come back and play in the tree fort. Okay?"

Grandpa smiled and tousled Trent's hair. "Sure thing, Trent," said Grandpa."I'll fix snacks for you guys."

Trent smiled as he went to call his cousin. "Okay, Grandpa," he said, "but no honey with those snacks, please! I've had enough!"

How About You?
Do you boast about yourself and your accomplishments? It's okay to feel good about the results of your hard work, but don't toot your own horn--don't brag about yourself and what you can do. Thank God for each success, and ask Him to help you be humble. Remember that all your abilities are gifts from the Lord. Give Him credit and be thankful for them. Being a good sport also means congratulating others on their efforts, no matter who wins or loses.

Today's Key Verse:
It is not good to eat much honey; so to seek one's own glory is not glory.
(Proverbs 25:27)

Today's Key Thought:
Don't brag about yourself