Feeling Special

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Micah's heart was heavy as he trudged down the road. Maybe I should run away, he thought, but probably nobody would even notice I was gone.

Lately, Micah had felt left out and alone in his family. When his older brother Joe got a home run in a ball game or a good grade on a report card, Mom and Dad were excited and happy and made a big fuss over him. But when Micah did something special, it seemed that his parents just smiled and said something like, "I remember when your brother did that two years ago."

Micah's younger sister Elsa got even more attention. Everyone in the family, including Grandma and Grandpa, always said how cute she looked in her pretty little outfits. They lovingly teased her about her curly hair, and they laughed at the cute things she said.

But . . . Micah sighed, nobody ever thinks there's anything very special about me. I'm just . . . well . . . just there.

Micah's thoughts were interrupted by someone crying. Glancing ahead, he saw a small boy with a bike. "What's the matter?" asked Micah.

"I'm st-st-stuck," the little boy answered through his tears.

Micah saw that the boy's pants leg was caught in his bicycle chain. "I got stuck like that once, too," said Micah, kneeling to get a better look. "I think I can help you." He carefully worked with the material and chain. "Got it!" he exclaimed after a few minutes.

"Oh-h-h, thanks," the boy said, sounding very much relieved. He looked up at Micah with admiration. "You're great!"

Micah felt better as he walked on. Maybe I'm important after all, he thought. I can do things that help others. Actually, I remember hearing Mom tell Mrs. Woods at church that she knew I'd do a good job on the clean-up committee for our party. Then Dad said I'd be a good helper on any committee. Micah's thoughts focused on some other nice things his parents had said to him--or about him. I guess Mom and Dad sometimes do notice whenI do something good, he admitted to himself. And they always tell all of us that God is pleased when we do the right thing. That's most important of all.

How About You?
Have you sometimes felt left out? Kids can feel that way even when it's not so. You are important to other people--and especially to God. In fact, you're so important to Him that He sent Jesus to die for you so you could become a part of His special family. And you're so important that He even numbers the hairs on your head. He delights in each of His children. He rejoices over you--you are very special to Him.

Today's Key Verse:
God . . . will rejoice over you with gladness. (Zephaniah 3:17)

Today's Key Thought:
You are important to God