The Anti-Virus Program

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As Evan began his report for school, lines of gibberish flashed across the monitor. "Brett!" he called, seeing that he needed help from his older brother. "I need the computer, and it's acting weird!"

Brett came into the room and typed some commands into the computer. After a moment, he turned to Evan. "Can you use Garrett's computer?" he asked. "I think ours has a virus." Brett frowned. "Maybe we need to get a different anti-virus program."

"What's an anti-virus program?" Evan asked.

"It's a program to keep the computer from downloading destructive stuff in email or from the internet," Brett replied.

"Well, Garrett's mom will probably let me do my report there," said Evan. So he went to check with his friend, who lived down the street.

"Sure. Help yourself," agreed Garrett's mother when Evan asked if he could use their computer. "Nobody here needs it right now."

The boys went to the den where the computer was kept. "That's not homework, is it?" Evan asked as he watched Garrett clear his Bible and several papers off the desk so Evan could use the computer.

"No, I typed Bible verses I'm trying to memorize," said Garrett. "I print them on cards or stickers and put them where I'll see them during the day."

"Why do you bother to learn all those verses?" asked Evan. "You could just as well read them from the Bible."

"Well . . . I have to learn some for Bible club and Sunday school," said Garrett. "Besides, haven't you heard the verse about hiding God's Word in our hearts so we won't sin? Like . . . if I hear bad words or jokes, I'll hopefully remember the verses that say to think about good things. If I do that, the bad stuff won't stick in my mind."

"Kind of like your own personal anti-virus program that keeps your brain from downloading bad stuff," suggested Evan with a grin.

"That's it!" agreed Garrett, "and you know first hand how important an anti-virus program can be! You better start learning verses, too."

How About You?
Does your brain need some anti-virus protection? How many times a day are you exposed to ungodly words and ideas? How often are you tempted to say or do something wrong? God provided His protection long before computers were invented. It's called the Word of God--the Bible. How about downloading some Bible verses into your mind and life today?

Today's Key Verse:
Your word I have hidden in my heart, that I might not sin against You.
(Psalm 119:11)

Today's Key Thought:
Memorize Bible verses