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Cammie moved a flower to a new location in the yard and carefully packed dirt around it. She remembered how careful she and Mom had been when they had transplanted flowers earlier. Even so, not all of those had lived, so now they were trying again.

"I hope these flowers do well this time," said Mom. "Let's make sure they get water and plant food when they need it."

Cammie nodded. "Ricky says he likes taking care of them, but if he's going to weed these, I hope he'll be more careful," she remarked glumly. "When we transplanted flowers before, it sure would have helped a lot if Ricky hadn't pulled some of them up, right along with the weeds."

"It wasn't just Ricky," said Mom. "Some of the flowers would have died, anyway. Some plants are harder than others to transplant successfully."

"I guess so," said Cammie as she finished with the last plant.

Cammie and her mother put their gardening tools away and then sat down on the porch steps. "They really are doing well, considering that they've had so many problems," murmured Mom.

Cammie lifted an eyebrow. "These flowers?" she asked in surprise.

"No!" Mom laughed. "I mean our foster kids--Ricky and Travis." The two brothers had recently joined Cammie's family. "They actually are a lot like these transplants," Mom said thoughtfully. "It's hard for kids to be moved out of their own home and into someone else's. They need a lot of special care. You are being a big help, Cammie. We planned for that and talked about it before they came to live with us, remember?"

Cammie nodded. "I remember, but sometimes I still don't know what to do for them."

"Just continue to let them know we love and welcome them," Mom replied. "Remember that God is the only one who can make transplants bloom--whether they're kids or flowers! So most of all, be sure to pray every day for your foster brothers."

"Okay," agreed Cammie. "I will."

How About You?
Does someone you know seem to have a lot of problems? Do you wish you could help? You can! You can offer friendship and patience to family, friends, and classmates. Above all, you can pray for them. Maybe you have problems of your own. Pray about them, too, and ask others to pray for you. God acts when His children pray. Learn today's Key Verse, and remember that God, who answered the prayers for Peter, also listens and helps when you pray.

Today's Key Verse:
Constant prayer was offered to God for him (Peter).
(Acts 12:5)

Today's Key Thought:
Pray for others and yourself