Fame and Fortune

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"Some day you're going to walk through this building and see my helmet and uniform number all over the place," said Ryan with a grin as he and the other boys in his Sunday school class left the Football Hall of Fame.

Jamie laughed loudly. "Fat chance!" he said.

"You just wait--you'll see!" declared Ryan. "I'm going to be as well-known as the guys whose stuff is in there now. Everybody will recognize me when I walk down the street, and I'm going to make a whole bunch of money!"

"Sounds impressive," said Mr. Bradley, their teacher, "but don't forget that fame and money can't make you happy unless they're what God wants for you. The important thing for a Christian is to be willing to do whatever God wants him to do. God will take care of details such as whether he's famous or unknown and whether he makes lots of money or only a little."

"Yeah," agreed Jamie. "I think I'll be a missionary. They're much more important than football players." He grinned and looked at Ryan. "You better forget your silly idea," added Jamie smugly.

"Whoa! Wait a minute!" exclaimed Mr. Bradley. "If the Lord wants you on the mission field, Jamie, that will be wonderful. But if the Lord wants Ryan to be a rich and famous football player with a testimony for God, that will be great, too."

"It will?" Jamie asked in surprise. He wasn't sure that sounded quite right.

Mr. Bradley nodded. "What I'm saying is that whether you become a football player, an engineer, a missionary, a nurse, an office worker, a school teacher--or whatever--be sure your main goal is to serve the Lord and bring glory to Him," Mr. Bradley replied.

"So when we grow up, we can serve God in all kinds of different ways," observed one of the other kids. "That's cool."

"Yes," said Mr. Bradley, "but don't wait till you're grown up to serve God. Honor Him in your activities now as well."

How About You?
What ambitions do you have for the future? Ask God to show you His will. If He wants you to be a football player, be a good one--with a witness for Christ rather than a desire for popularity and money. If God calls you to be a missionary, be the very best missionary you can be. Ask God to help you set goals to honor Him in whatever you do in the future--and right now, too!

Today's Key Verse:
Whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.
(1 Corinthians 10:31)

Today's Key Thought:
Serve God in whatever you do