Wrong Reaction

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Chloe walked into the house more briskly than usual. "I've had it with her," she said, pulling up a kitchen chair and plunking herself down.

"You've had it with who?" asked Mom.

"Jolene--that's who." Restlessly, Chloe pushed the chair back and fiddled with a strand of her hair. She bit her lower lip before starting to explain. "Do you remember what I gave her for her birthday?"

Mom nodded. "You gave her a year's subscription to the same Christian teen magazine that you get. As I recall, you wanted to give her the subscription because she liked yours and you hoped it would be a witness to her--that maybe it would help her come to know Jesus."

"That's right," Chloe replied gruffly, still sounding angry. "She read my magazine whenever she was here, so I spent my own hard-earned babysitting money to get it for her. Well, I overheard her telling some girls that I was pushing religion on her. She said she hasn't read either of the two issues that she's gotten so far!"

"I'm sorry," said Mom sympathetically. "Let's be sure to pray for her."

"But she's making me sound really bad to the other girls!" Chloe complained. "I've always been a good friend to her, and then she turns around and talks about me like that!"

"Honey," said Mom, "it's too bad she reacted that way, but you gave her that subscription because you knew she needed the Lord. She still needs Him, doesn't she?"

"Well . . . yes," mumbled Chloe.

"Don't forget, Jolene has had only two issues," said Mom. "There will be ten more months of witness coming to her house. Let's pray that she'll read those." Mom paused, waiting for Chloe to comment, but she said nothing. "You know, honey, it's possible that Jolene's reaction to your gift is partly because she sees her need," added Mom. "You've planted the seed, but it's God who must work in her heart. Let's ask Him to do that."

"Well . . . okay," agreed Chloe after a minute. "I will."

How About You?
When you witnessed, did someone react in anger? How did you respond?Don't get discouraged or be angry in return. Instead, continue to show love and friendship to the one who needs the Lord. The Apostle Paul compared witnessing to planting seed. It's your job to plant the seed of the Gospel. God asks you to be faithful in witnessing, but that's all you can do. God is the one who gives "the increase," making the seed grow and working in hearts to bring people to Himself.

Today's Key Verse:
I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the increase.
(1 Corinthians 3:6)

Today's Key Thought:
Be a faithful witness