Louder than Words

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"Mom! Come see what I found!" Jos tugged on his mother's hand and led her to the back porch. He pointed to a large box.

Mom looked inside. "Three puppies!" she exclaimed.

"Yeah. I found them in the ditch. Can we keep them?" Jos frowned. "Do you think they've been without their mother very long?" he asked anxiously.

"Not too long, but they'll need to be fed soon," Mom said, petting a fuzzy black puppy. "I'll warm a little milk and we'll see if they'll take it. And no, we can't keep them--at least not all of them--but we'll do our best to find homes for them."

After the puppies had been fed, Jos carefully placed the box in the garage and then went back to the kitchen. "I love dogs," he told his mother. "I'm glad you, do, too." Jos grinned. "I like all animals."

"I know you do," said Mom. "Your actions show it." She smiled. "It reminds me of my Sunday school lesson last week. It was from the book of James, which says our faith is seen by our actions. When we truly trust in God, we show our faith by the things we do."

"What kind of things?" Jos asked.

"Well," said Mom, "would getting angry because you didn't get something you want show that you trust God?" Jos shook his head. "How about praying for a nice day for a picnic and then not worrying about it and not getting angry if you don't get it?" Jos thought about that, and then he nodded.

Just then Mom and Jos heard Dad's car door slam shut. "The strangest thing . . ." said Dad, entering the room a minute later. "I thought I heard a squeaking sound out in the garage." He put down his briefcase. "I'd better go check."

Jos jumped up. "Follow me, Dad," he said. "I'll explain everything." Jos led the way out to the garage.

Mom smiled when she heard Jos's chatter as he and Dad returned. "So . . . I say I love animals, and Mom says I show it by what I do--by the way I treat them," said Jos. "And I say I have faith in God, and I show that by what I do, too." He grinned up at his father. "I guess it's like our actions talk for us," Jos added. "They should tell people that we love God."

How About You?
What is something you really, really like? Is it animals, a particular sport, or a hobby? Your friends probably know what you like because you spend some of your time reading about it, watching or playing a certain game, or talking about your interest. Do those people also know that you are a Christian because of the way you act, what you read, and how you spend your time? There's an old saying:actions speak louder than words. It's true! Do something today to show your faith in God.

Today's Key Verse:
I will show you my faith by my works.
(James 2:18)

Today's Key Thought:
Real faith is seen in actions