Different but Needed

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Amber flopped down onto the sofa. She sighed as her mind replayed the events of the last hour. "Hi, Mom," she said as her mother came into the room.

"Hi, honey," replied Mom. "How did it go at youth group today?"

"Awful," mumbled Amber. "We're going to do a play--a short musical--for part of the special Easter program. Mrs. Kroll is directing it."

"Sounds good," said Mom, "but you don't look very happy about it."

"Oh, Mom! I got assigned to moving props around and sweeping the stage--stuff like that--again." Amber looked as though she might cry. "Marissa got the lead singing part--she always does! I know she's the best singer in our group, but . . ." Amber sighed. "My best friend gets to be the star of the show while I have to stay behind the curtain. I feel like skipping the whole thing!"

Mom raised her eyebrows. "I'm sorry, honey," she said. She shook her head and then asked softly, "Why doesn't Mrs. Kroll let the two of you share that part? Or all of the kids could share it. I'm sure more were hoping for the main role."

"We can't all have the same part," objected Amber. "If we all sang the same thing, it would be just a . . . a choir number. Not a play."

Mom smiled and nodded. "You're right," she said. "Someone is needed for each part--and each job, right? Together, the group makes up the musical."

"Yeah, but . . . I just wish I could get one of the important parts for once," replied Amber.

"Who says one part is more important than another?" asked Mom. "God gave us all different talents. He points out that each one is needed. That means no one is more important than any other."

"I suppose," admitted Amber reluctantly.

"It's like that in all areas of life," added Mom. "Take church work, for example. What if everyone were the preacher?"

Amber grinned. "Who'd listen?" she asked. "Or if everyone were a Sunday school teacher, there wouldn't be any students. Or what if everybody were in the choir?"

"Then I guess only God would hear them," said Mom. "Of course, He's who one who really matters. But each person is valuable--both those in front and behind the scenes. We simply need to do our best with the task God gives us."

How About You?
What are your special gifts? Are you a good athlete or do you enjoy playing music? God has given talents to each of His children. Some are good cooks, some sing well, some smile readily, some are good speakers. Some are noticed by everybody; others are not. Nobody's tasks or talents are needed more or less than yours. They are all gifts from God and are to be used for His glory.

Today's Key Verse:
Those members of the body which seem to be weaker are necessary.
(1 Corinthians 12:22)

Today's Key Thought:
Your talents are needed