Taxes! Taxes!

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With her mother's permission, Ginger stopped at a store after school and used money she had left from her allowance to buy a few things she wanted. She chose a pen, some sticky notes, and a puzzle book. When she went to pay for the items, she was surprised at how much she owed. "Oh! That's more than I figured," she said. "I didn't think they added up to that much money."

"Did you remember to add the sales tax?" asked the clerk.

"I forgot all about it!" exclaimed Ginger. "I'll have to put something back."

When she got home, Ginger showed her mother what she had bought, and then they enjoyed a snack together. "Mom, why do we have to pay taxes?" Ginger. asked.

"Taxes are used to pay for a lot of different things," Mom replied. "For example, they're used to keep our roads repaired and to pay salaries for public workers such as teachers, policemen, firemen, congressmen--and even the President of the United States. People have paid taxes for a long time. In fact, they paid taxes way back in Bible times."

"They did?" Ginger was surprised.

Mom nodded. "Yes," she said, "and during the time Jesus lived on earth, the Jews didn't like the tax collectors because they often took more money than they should have and kept some for themselves."

"Then I wouldn't like them, either," declared Ginger. "Would you?"

"I don't think so," Mom replied, "but Jesus can change anyone, you know, and one of those tax collectors became one of the twelve disciples."

"Really?" Ginger asked. "Which one?"

"Matthew," answered Mom.

"The same Matthew who wrote the book of Matthew?" asked Ginger.

Mom nodded. "As a tax collector, he had probably been a careful record keeper, " she said. "That may have helped him record many things Jesus taught. And did you know that Jesus paid taxes?"

Ginger thought for a moment. "Oh, I remember!" she exclaimed. "He sent Peter to find money in the mouth of a fish. It was to pay taxes for both of them." Ginger paused, then grinned. "Well, if Jesus paid taxes, I can, too!"

How About You?
Have you heard a lot of complaints about taxes? Have you complained about them yourself when you had to pay more for something than you had thought you would?Sometimes taxes seem unfair--or maybe a bit too high. Try to remember they're needed for many useful things that add to your comfort. And remember that God says you are to pay them.

Today's Key Verse:
Render . . . taxes to whom taxes are due.
(Romans 13:7)

Today's Key Thought:
Pay taxes cheerfully