Pedal Boats and People

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"All together now!" Amanda called out. She and Grandpa sat in the back of a pedal boat; her sister Jessica and Grandma sat in the front. They started out all pedaling together.

They were having a good time, but when Jessica got tired, she lifted her feet. For a while, Grandma kept pedaling, but then she stopped, too.

"I need to give my knees a rest," said Grandpa a few minutes later. He stretched his legs out on the side of the boat, leaving Amanda to pedal alone.

"This is too hard since you all of you quit," muttered Amanda. She quit pedaling, and the boat soon drifted to a stop.

They enjoyed drifting for a little while; then Grandpa sat up straight. "Pedaling is harder than it looks," he said, "but are you all ready to tackle it again? If we don't work together, we'll sit out here all day."

"Yeah, and I'm getting hungry," said Jessica. She lifted her feet and began to pedal. The others did the same, and soon they were back at the boat dock.

"That was fun," said Amanda as they headed for a restaurant, "except when I had to pedal alone."

Grandpa smiled. "That reminds me of a Bible verse," he said. "Galatians 6:2 says, 'Bear one another's burdens.' How can we do that?"

"By everybody pedaling," said Jessica promptly.

"You're right," agreed Grandpa. "That's certainly the way to do it when we're in a pedal boat. What are some other ways to help bear people's burdens? Like . . . well, think about Mr. and Mrs. Peterson, for example."

"They like us to visit since they're shut-ins," Jessica said. "They liked the cookies we gave them, too."

Amanda nodded. "And we can send cards and pray for them," she suggested, "and for other shut-ins we know, too."

"The Petersons' daughter cooks for them and cleans their house," said Grandma. "I know she appreciates all the help others give her elderly parents."

"It would be hard for her to care for them all by herself," said Jessica.

"Like having to pedal the boat all by myself," groaned Amanda. She grinned. "I can see that working together makes life easier in all kinds of situations."

How About You?
Do you know any kids who are having a hard time? Maybe they've been sick, parents have lost their jobs, or school work is difficult. Pray for those kids, offer to help with homework, invite them to your house--and be sure to let them know Jesus loves them. Like riding in a pedal boat, life is easier when people work together and help each other.

Today's Key Verse:
Bear one another's burdens. (Galatians 6:2)

Today's Key Thought:
Work together