Just Like Dorcas

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"What are you making, Mom?" Jody asked as she watched her mother's knitting needles move in and out.

"I'm making a baby sweater for one of the ladies at church," answered Mom. "Mrs. Pauley is having a baby next month."

"How come you do so many things like that for other people?" Jody asked. "It seems like you're always knitting or baking for somebody."

"I enjoy making things and giving them away," said Mom with a smile. "I think it's kind of like when you make something special at school and bring it to me."

"Yeah, but that's a little different," Jody replied. "I mean . . . you're my mom! But you do a lot of stuff for people you hardly know."

"Not as much as Dorcas did," Mom answered.

"Dorcas?" asked Jody. "Who's she? Do I know her?"

Mom smiled. "The book of Acts in the Bible tells about her," she explained. "Dorcas was also called Tabitha. She was a Christian and did many good deeds. She knew how to sew, and she devoted much of her energy and time to making clothes for poor people and widows. Dorcas was always helping others. I imagine she was also their friend and listened to their troubles and comforted them."

"I think I remember hearing about her in Sunday school," Jody said thoughtfully.

"I wouldn't be surprised," said Mom. "When Dorcas died, everyone was very sad. Do you recall what happened next?"

Jody thought for a moment, then she nodded. "I remember that she died--but then she was raised from the dead, wasn't she?"

"That's right," said Mom. "God used the Apostle Peter to bring her back to life."

"When I get older, I'm going to be like you and Dorcas and do things for other people," Jody decided.

"You don't have to wait that long," said Mom. "Let's think of something you can do for others right now."

"Okay, but . . . like what?" Jody asked. Glancing out the window, she saw an elderly neighbor taking packages from her car. "Oh. Maybe I could go help Mrs. Jenks. Is that okay?" Smiling, Mom nodded.

How About You?
How can you help someone? Can you draw a picture or make a small gift and give it to your grandparents or a neighbor? Can you help them by dusting or cleaning? With your mother's help, could you make cookies for a shut-in? Make a card for someone who is ill? Mow the lawn or shovel snow for an elderly person? There are many possibilities. When you help others, you please the Lord, too.

Today's Key Verse:
She extends her hand to the poor, yes, she reaches out her hands to the needy.
(Proverbs 31:20)

Today's Key Thought:
Help others