Pepper and Soap

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"What are you doing,Grandma?" asked Janae when she stopped to see her grandparents on the way home from school.

"Oh, I'm getting things together for the object lesson I'm giving in Bible club tomorrow," replied Grandma. "Want to try it?"

"Sure," agreed Janae.

"Good! Then fill a cup with water," instructed Grandma. Janae got a cup and filled it. "Next, sprinkle this pepper all over the water, and then stick your finger in the cup," continued Grandma.

"Oh-h-h!" exclaimed Janae after following Grandma's instructions. "The pepper is all over my finger!"

Grandma nodded. "Clean the pepper off your finger and rub this dish washing soap on it." Grandma chuckled. "On your finger, that is," she added. "Not on the pepper." Janae laughed and then carefully did what Grandma told her. "All right," said Grandma. "Now stick your finger in the water again."

This time the pepper rushed away from Janae's finger and clung to the sides of the cup. "Cool!" she exclaimed. "But . . . you said this was an object lesson, so what does it teach us?"

"Let's pretend the water is the world, and the pepper is sin," said Grandma. "The finger represents us. We go into the world, and we're peppered with sin. For example, we sometimes do and say wrong things, don't we?"

"Yeah." Janae nodded. "Like . . . even though I try to be good, I sometimes mess up."

Grandma nodded. "So the water stands for the world, the pepper for sin, and the finger for us. But Bible verses we learn are like . . ." began Grandma.

"Like the soap!" Janae interrupted. "What we learn from the verses helps us stay away from sin. I remember that when Jesus was tempted, He quoted Scripture verses."

"Good." Grandma smiled."Always remember that just putting Bible verses in our heads by memorizing them isn't enough. When they're truly in our hearts--when we think about what they say and follow their teaching--we can use them, like Jesus did, to keep sin away."

How About You?
Do you have Bible verses hidden in your heart? Do you think about the verses you memorize? Do you consider what they mean and apply them to your life? You live in the world, so sin is all around you. When you're tempted to look at something you shouldn't, to disobey your parents, to use a bad word, or to sin in some other way, let the verses in your heart help you choose to obey God and send sin away.

Today's Key Verse:
Your word I have hidden in my heart, that I might not sin against You. (Psalm 119:11)

Today's Key Thought:
Overcome sin with Scripture