Whiner or Winner?

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"You have scoliosis, Debi," said Dr. Bryant. "That means you have a curved spine. "He turned toward Debi's mother. "A brace should take care of the problem so that surgery won't be necessary," he said. "The brace will restrict you a little, Debi, but you'll be able to do almost everything you've always done."

When Debi began wearing the brace, she refused to continue with many activities she had been involved in before. "I can't go camping with this ugly old brace on," she whimpered when a friend invited her along on a camping trip. And a few days later, a classmate called to ask her to join some friends on a hike. "It sounds like fun, but I can't do that," whined Debi.

On both days, Mom overheard her daughter's excuses. So when Debi finished talking on the phone, Mom asked, "What is it you can't do?"

"I can't go hiking," Debi answered. "Not with this brace I have to wear.And I can't go on cookouts, either."

"Honey, a brace on your back does not make you an invalid," said Mom. "You can go hiking if you want to. The doctor said you could do all kinds of things." Debi didn't answer.

When Mom took laundry to Debi's room later that day, she looked around in surprise. "Debi, I think you'd better get busy!" exclaimed Mom. "You've allowed your room to become quite a mess. That's not like you!"

"I can't help it," whined Debi. "My brace is so awkward! I can hardly bend over."

"Honey, you have to adjust to that brace," said Mom. "You can't continue to use it as an excuse."

"But I hate it!" stormed Debi. "Why didn't God keep me from having to wear it? He could have!"

"Maybe He wants to help you become a better person by teaching you discipline and compassion as you wear your brace," replied Mom. She shook her head. "You know, your physical problem can make you a whiner or a winner."

Debi sniffed. "How can I be a winner with this thing?"

"By having the right attitude," answered Mom. "Remember Job? All kinds of things went wrong in his life--but not his attitude. He came out a winner. With God's help, you can be one, too." Debi did not reply, but she looked thoughtful.

How About You?
What's your problem? Is it something physical--perhaps a speech impediment, a lame leg, or weak eyesight?Or is it something emotional--like shyness, nervousness, or fear of speaking in public? Everyone has problems. The real question is: How is your attitude? Are you a whiner or a winner? To be a whiner, you complain a lot. To be a winner, you yield your life with its problems to God. You seek His help to learn the lessons He has for you so that you may serve Him better.

Today's Key Verse:
It is good for me that I have been afflicted, that I may learn Your statutes.
(Psalm 119:71)

Today's Key Thought:
Develop good attitudes