Blessed and a Blessing

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As Janet walked into the nursing home with her mother, she wrinkled her nose. "It's hot in here, and it doesn't smell very good, either," she grumbled.

"It's very warm here because most of the people are old and like the warmth," Mom replied. "Many are on medications, too, and that sometimes makes an unpleasant odor. But after you've visited Grandma Harper and some of the others, I think you'll be glad you came. They're always such a blessing to me."

Janet frowned. She hadn't really wanted to come in the first place. The stuffy room and smell of medication didn't do anything to change her mind. She could not imagine getting a blessing from being there. But she was supposed to give her Sunday school class a report on a visit to a nursing home, so she just sighed and followed her mother down the hall.

As they entered the first room, Grandma Harper called out cheerily, "Oh, you brought your precious daughter!" Then she turned to Janet. "Honey, you'll have to excuse that outburst, but around here we seldom see beautiful young girls. Most of us have so many wrinkles we've forgotten what it was like to be young." She laughed pleasantly as she spoke, and Janet began to smile, too. Before long, she was telling the elderly woman about her school activities, her Sunday school class, and her recent birthday party.

Several other people came into the room, and at their urging, Janet sang for them. They asked for another number, and her mother smiled at her. "Many elderly people don't know the songs we often sing these days, so why don't you sing a hymn?" Mom suggested. "You know the words to several of the hymns on our CDs, don't you?"

Janet nodded and began to sing one of them. Soon several quavering, old voices joined the clear, young one in old, familiar and well-loved hymns.

When they were ready to leave, Janet promised to invite other members of her Sunday school class to join her the next time she came. And back in the car, she turned to her mother. "You were right, Mom," said Janet. "I'm sure I'm the one who got the biggest blessing."

How About You?
Would some elderly people in your family or hometown enjoy a visit from a group of young people? Many sick and elderly people don't have visits from children or teenagers. Often they are not able to attend church and they miss being with other Christians. Will you visit them and help make their day brighter? Perhaps you could sing with them, play a game together, share a snack, or just talk with them. As you share God's blessings, you will be blessed, too.

Today's Key Verse:
It is more blessed to give than to receive.
(Acts 20:35)

Today's Key Thought:
Visit the elderly and be blessed