Different Gifts

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When Matt and Mark came in from school, Matt went to his room, but his twin bounded into the kitchen. "I got all A's on my report card," Mark announced.

Mom hugged him. "Good for you!" she exclaimed. She looked around. "Where's Matt?" When Mark shrugged and pointed down the hall, Mom went and tapped on the twins' bedroom door. "May I come in, Matt?" she asked.

"I guess so," came the muffled reply. "I guess you want to see my report card." Without looking at his mother, Matt handed it to her.

Mom took the card and smiled as she looked at it. "All right! All C's or better! Even an A," she said with enthusiasm. "You did well, Son."

"Mark got all A's," said Matt angrily. "I didn't even make the honor roll."

"No, but making the honor roll isn't the most important thing in life," replied Mom. She sat down next to Matt. "I'm proud of both you and Mark. You're twins, but you're very different, and that's a good thing. Mark loves to read and study. You, on the other hand, are . . ."

". . . stupid!" Matt interrupted.

"You certainly are not!" Mom exclaimed. "You're smart, too--but in a different way from Mark." She put a hand on Matt's shoulder. "When his bike was broken, who fixed it?"

"I did," said Matt with a shrug, "but there wasn't much wrong with it,"

"Last Christmas, we gave Mark a chess game, and we gave you a set of tools, remember?" asked Mom. "Did it make you mad that we didn't give the two of you the same thing?"

"Of course not," said Matt. "We wouldn't even want the same things."

"No, so we gave you different gifts," Mom said. "God gives His children different gifts, too. Remember the verses we read from First Corinthians this morning?" Matt nodded, and his mother continued. "Mark is very good in scholastic things, but you have mechanical abilities that he doesn't have. Don't think less of your talents just because they're not the same as Mark's. Thank God for the gifts He's given you, and use them for His glory."

"Well, I . . ." Matt hesitated. "I told Petey next door that I'd change the tire on his bike," he said. "Can I go do that now?" Smiling, Mom nodded.

How About You?
Do you compare your abilities with those others have? Do you want to be able to do well in math or reading, shoot lots of baskets, or sing or play the piano well just because you have a brother, sister, or friend who can do one of those things? Remember that God has not given everyone the same gifts. So do your best at whatever you do. Use the talents God has given you--not so you can brag about them, but to be helpful to others in some way and to bring glory to God.

Today's Key Verse:
As each one has received a gift, minister it to one another.
(1 Peter 4:10)

Today's Key Thought:
Be yourself