A Perfect Solution

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One look at Ryan's flushed face told his mother something was wrong. "How was school?" she asked.

"So-so." Ryan drew a deep, ragged breath, then blurted out, "If Blake doesn't leave me alone on the bus, I'm going to have to fight him!"

"Fight!" exclaimed Mom. "You know better than that." She frowned. "Does Blake bother you at school?"

"No. He knows Miss Jenkins won't allow it," Ryan answered, "but it's different on the bus."

"Well, let's pray about it," said Mom. "Let's ask the Lord to help you find a good way to take care of the problem. I'm sure it's not a fight."

The next day Ryan came home from school, grinning from ear to ear. "Blake left me alone today," he reported.

"Good!" exclaimed Mom. "What did you do to keep him from bothering you?"

Ryan chuckled. "I sat on the front seat of the bus," he said. "With the driver right there, Blake didn't dare start anything."

"Great!" said Mom. "I should have thought of trying that." Ryan and Mom celebrated with cookies and milk.

Ryan was surprised by what his mom said a little later. "You've taught me a lesson today, Ryan. I've been having a little trouble with my temper lately," she confessed. "I haven't thought about having a fist fight with anybody, but I think the devil wants me to tell off a couple of people and really give them a piece of my mind! But you've given me the perfect solution. To keep Satan from bothering me, I need to live as close to Jesus as I can. It's like I've been sitting in the back of the bus. I need to move up."

"How?" wondered Ryan. "I mean . . . we're not talking about a real bus."

Mom smiled. "No, but . . . well, when I'm tempted, I need to think about what Jesus would want me to do--and be willing to do it. I need to remember that He's right there with me just like the bus driver was right beside you. I need to ask Jesus for help and not try to beat Satan on my own."

Ryan grinned. "I think God used the bus driver to help me," he said. "I wonder who--or what--He'll use to help you."

How About You?
Is Satan trying to get you to do something wrong? Is he encouraging you to fight? To cheat? To neglect your chores? Think about what Jesus would do in your situation. Talk with Him--tell Him your problems and ask Him to help. Read His Word and think about what it means. He promises that when you sincerely, earnestly seek Him and pray to Him, He will listen to you. Living close to Jesus is the perfect solution for solving your problems and resisting temptation.

Today's Key Verse:
Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. (James 4:8)

Today's Key Thought:
Stay close to God