Same Old Thing

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"Why did it have to rain today?" grumbled Conner. "Our ball game had to be called off because of this old storm!" He put his catcher's glove on the table. "I tried to duck when Mrs. Smith came out of her house next door. Every time she sees me she says . . ." He paused, then imitated the old lady's quivering voice. "'Hi, there, young man. How are you this fine day?' You'd think she could say something different once in a while instead of the exact, same, boring thing!"

"Conner!" said Mom sternly. "Shame on you!" Conner shrugged and quickly escaped to his room.

When the family gathered for dinner, Conner's dad asked him to give thanks for the food. Conner bowed his head. "Dear God," he prayed, "thank You for this food and for the beautiful day and for good friends and neighbors. Amen. Pass the burgers, please."

"Oh, Conner," said Abby, "when you pray, you always say the same old thing! Besides, you asked for the burgers almost before you finished praying."

"Didn't either!" Conner scowled. "You're not supposed to criticize prayers!" he muttered.

"I'm afraid Abby's right, though," said Mom. "Praying seems to have become a routine with you. Do you even think about what you're saying?"

"Of course I do," Conner mumbled.

"Are you sure?" asked Mom. "Just a little earlier today you complained about the rain and about Mrs. Smith. But when you prayed, you thanked God for the beautiful day and for good neighbors!"

"Well, I . . . ah . . ." Conner began uncertainly.

"Yeah, Conner," Abby interrupted. "You complain about Mrs. Smith always saying the same thing, and you do that yourself!"

"Your mother and sister have a point, Son," said Dad quietly. "Thanking the Lord for neighbors and a nice day apparently didn't have any meaning for you. When we pray, we need to be careful to say things we really mean." Dad smiled. "Okay, Conner?"

"I . . ." Conner hesitated, then solemnly nodded. "Okay."

How About You?
Do you rattle off your prayers, always using almost all the same words? The Lord wants you to be honest and sincere when you pray. Even if you recite a prayer that was written by someone else, be sure to think about what you're saying and don't just rattle off words. Why not talk to God in your own words?Thank Him for His blessings, and tell Him about all that concerns you. When you pray, always say things you really mean.

Today's Key Verse:
When you pray, do not use vain repetitions.
(Matthew 6:7)

Today's Key Thought:
Mean what you say when you pray