A Bumper Crop

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"Grandma says she has a bumper crop of apples this year," said Susan as she helped pick apples at her grandmother's house. "What does that mean?"

"It means the trees have lots and lots of apples," said Dad.

"Last year there weren't nearly this many on the trees, and a lot of them were wormy," Kurt remembered. "This year they're much nicer."

"Grandma said she didn't have them sprayed last year, but this year she did, and she put in a new system to water the trees," Mom explained. "I think that's why the apples are bigger and better than ever."

"Picking all this fruit reminds me of some Bible verses about the fruit of the Spirit," said Dad. "Didn't you kids learn them for your Bible club?"

Susan nodded. "Yep, and I still know them. I even remember where they're found--Galatians 5:22 and 23," she said. "Want to hear them?" Without waiting for an answer, she quoted the verses.

"Good," approved Dad. "It's natural for apple trees to have apples, and it should be natural for a Christian's life to have the fruit of the Spirit."

"I don't think it's very easy to have the fruit of the Spirit," objected Kurt. "I think it's hard!"

"Well, Grandma knew something was wrong when her trees didn't produce many good apples," said Dad. "What do you think might be wrong when our lives don't show the fruit of the Spirit?"

"Ah-h-h . . . there were worms in some apples, and I guess maybe there's sin in our lives when we don't show fruit like we should," suggested Susan.

"Or like the apple trees needed to be sprayed and have more water, we might need more Bible teaching and . . . um . . . Christian friends," said Kurt.

Dad smiled. "Good," he said. "And remember that when God says He wants His children to live fruitful lives for Him, that's not just for adults."

"Nope. It's for kids, too," Susan agreed.

"That's right," said Dad. "Think about it--it's not our fruit; it's the fruit of the Spirit. Let's be faithful in yielding to God and His will so our lives show the fruit of the Spirit every day."

"Yeah." Kurt grinned. "Then maybe we can have a bumper crop, too," he said.

How About You?
Does your life show the fruit of the Spirit? Think about the things listed in today's Scripture passage and also about your own life. Is the fruit of the Spirit evident in what you do each day--both in the way you behave and the attitudes you display? It should be if you know Jesus as your Savior. Read your Bible daily and apply it to your life. Confess to God any sin you're aware of and yield yourself to Him. Let His fruit be seen in you.

Today's Key Verse:
The fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness, righteousness, and truth. (Ephesians 5:9)

Today's Key Thought:
Show the fruit of the Spirit