Why Can’t I?

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"But Dad, why can't I?" asked Francie, frowning when her father insisted she turn off a TV program she wanted to watch.

Her brother Cole looked up. "Yeah," he muttered. "I heard that's a good show."

"We think it's better for you to watch something else," said Dad.

"It's not fair," whined Francie. "All the rules we have just make my life completely unbearable!" She had a tendency to be a bit dramatic. "Jenny gets to watch this show all the time." Francie was annoyed that Jenny's parents let her do a lot of things Francie and her brother were not allowed to do.

"We don't base our decisions on what the neighbors are doing, honey," Dad said. So, knowing this conversation was going nowhere, Francie didn't say any more.

As the kids and their dad ran some errands that afternoon, they drove past their church. "Look!" Cole pointed to small trees that had just been added along the edge of the property. "Dad, why did they tie those little trees down like that?"

Francie giggled. "Do they think they might try to run away?" she asked.

"When we visited Nana and Papa Jenkins last summer, we took a walk through the woods behind their house," Dad said with a smile. "Remember?"

"Sure. Cole and I both beat you when we raced to that crooked tree near the stream!" said Francie.

"That's okay, Dad. Everybody gets a little slow in their old age," Cole teased.

Dad laughed. "Well, one of you mentioned that the tree was crooked and leaning over a lot," he said.

"I named it the Snake Tree," Cole remembered.

Dad nodded. "It probably was damaged in a storm years ago when it was about the size of those new, young trees at the church," he said. "The grounds keepers at church staked those new trees to hold them in place and help them grow straight and tall in spite of storms and winds." After a moment, he added, "That's kind of like what parents have to do."

"You mean . . ." Francie hesitated, "like you and Mom giving us rules to follow and being careful about what we see on TV or the internet?" she asked. "You want us to grow strong by watching the right things."

"And you teach us to obey by punishing us when we're bad," added Cole.

Dad smiled. He couldn't have said it better himself.

How About You?
Do you think it's unfair that other kids get to do things you're not allowed to do? Do you sometimes feel like there are too many rules for you to follow? Wait a minute! Don't you know that the rules you're given are designed to help you? Choose to trust the wisdom of your parents and others who care for you and want to help you grow strong in the Lord. Thank God for them and thank Him for . . . yes, for the rules.

Today's Key Verse:
Children, obey your parents in all things, for this is well pleasing to the Lord. (Colossians 3:20)

Today's Key Thought:
Honor parents and follow their rules