Bitter Chocolate

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"What are you making, Mom?" asked Ben, seeing some bowls on the counter as he came into the kitchen. He glanced around when nobody answered. "Oops! I hear Sammy crying," he murmured. "I guess Mom's gone to check on him."

Ben looked again at the things on the cupboard--flour, sugar, eggs, and a thick, delicious-looking chocolate bar. His eyes got big and round when he saw that candy bar. He felt like he just had to have a taste. Mom would let me taste it if she were here, he thought. I know she would. So Ben picked up the chocolate bar and took a small bite.

"Yuck!" exclaimed Ben grabbing a napkin and spitting out the chocolate just as Mom walked into the room. When she saw what he had done, she smiled wryly. "That candy is gross! What is it?" asked Ben, wiping his mouth with the napkin. "It looks like chocolate, but it's not!"

"Actually, it is chocolate, but it's baking chocolate, not candy," explained Mom. "It tastes bitter because it doesn't have sugar in it like the candy bars you enjoy."

"Well, it tastes terrible! You don't put that stuff in your cake, do you?" asked Ben.

Mom nodded. "When I make chocolate cake, I do, but I also add sugar and eggs and other things," she said. "When all of it's mixed together, it tastes delicious. You do like my cake, don't you?"

"Yeah, but I had no idea chocolate cake was made from yucky stuff like that," said Ben.

Mom smiled. "I can remember tasting bitter chocolate when I was a kid," she said. "Shortly after that, I read a story that compared the way a baker uses bitter chocolate to the way God works in our lives. The story pointed out that when a baker mixes the bitter chocolate with other cake ingredients, the result is something good. That's like what God does for us. He takes all the things that happen to us and works them together for our good."

"So . . . even though we don't like everything that happens, we shouldn't complain," said Ben thoughtfully, "because God mixes them with all the things we do like and makes something good for us. Right?"

Mom grinned. "You've got it!" she said. "That would be a great thing for you to remember every time you eat chocolate cake."

How About You?
Do you wonder why God allows bad things to happen? Recipes call for all kinds of ingredients to make a good product, and God allows many different experiences to come into your life. He combines them to work out something good for you. So trust in His wisdom and goodness as you go through sickness and health, fun and heartache, ease and hardship, sunshine and rain. God loves you and works everything together for your good.

Today's Key Verse:
All things work together for good to those who love God.
(Romans 8:28)

Today's Key Thought:
God works everything for your good