For the Gospel’s Sake

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Chase nudged his sister Ella. "I wonder why Uncle Kurt moves his eyebrows up and down while he's talking," Chase whispered as their uncle answered a question Dad had asked. "It looks awful funny!" Ella just shrugged.

After a moment, Chase ventured a question of his own. "Are you glad to be back from the mission field, Uncle Kurt?" he asked.

Uncle Kurt looked right at Chase and raised his eyebrows a few times as he spoke. "It's good to get back to America," he said, "but we miss the people we've been working with and the small church we started."

After dinner, Chase and Ella cleared the table while the grownups visited. "Ask Uncle Kurt why he moves his eyebrows up and down while he answers questions?" urged Chase when he and Ella were in the kitchen.

"It could just be a nervous habit," suggested Ella, "but I noticed that Aunt Meg does it sometimes, too. Why don't you ask about it?"

"Maybe I will. You don't think it would be rude, do you?" Chase asked.

"No, I don't think so," said Ella.

After dinner, Chase finally asked the question. "Uncle Kurt, why . . . ah . . . why do you raise your eyebrows when you talk?"

Uncle Kurt laughed out loud. "Have I been doing that?" he asked. "That's one way the people say yes in the village where we work. Now I do it without thinking."

"When missionaries go to another country, they have to learn new gestures as well as a new language," Aunt Meg explained. "At first, many things the people did seemed strange, but we expected that. After all, we were in their country and we certainly couldn't expect them to do things our way."

Uncle Kurt nodded. "We remembered the Apostle Paul said that for the Gospel's sake he adjusted to the people he worked with. We knew we had to do that, too. That was okay. We love the people there, and we love the work God gave us to do. We think we have the best job in the whole world!"

"Yes," agreed Aunt Meg, "and we want to thank you for your part in reaching our people. Thanks for praying for us and for them."

How About You?
Do you know any missionaries? They sometimes face many difficulties in a foreign country. They need to become familiar with different languages, gestures, food, and customs. They may also face loneliness, sickness, and fearful situations. Learn as much as you can about your missionaries, and don't forget to pray for them--do it for the Gospel's sake. With the support of your encouragement and prayers, the Lord will greatly bless them and use them as they do the work He sent them to do.

Today's Key Verse:
Praying . . . that I may open my mouth boldly to make known the mystery of the Gospel.
(Ephesians 6:18-19)

Today's Key Thought:
Pray for missionaries