Prayers of Praise

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"I'll pray today,"offered Tamara as she sat down with her family for breakfast. Dad nodded, so Tamara led in the prayer before they ate. "Dear Jesus, bless this food. Give us good weather and a good time," she prayed, thinking of the outing they had planned for the day. "Don't let the waves be too high," she added. "Give us safety. And please keep Corey from being fussy. Amen." When she finished, Dad looked thoughtful as he helped himself to scrambled eggs.

After breakfast, they piled into the car--Mom and Dad, Tamara, her brother Amos, and little Corey. Soon they were enjoying the sun and sand at the lake.

A little way down from where they had settled on the beach, several seagulls fought over scraps of food they had found. Each one clamored to get as much as he could for himself. "I think those birds must be hungry," said Tamara. "I wish we could feed them, don't you, Amos? What could we give them, Mom?"

Mom took a couple of crackers from the picnic basket. "Try these," she said.

Tamara and Amos crumbled the crackers as they walked down the beach. When they threw crumbs to the seagulls, they were immediately surrounded by screeching birds who quickly gobbled up the pieces and squealed for more. They edged closer to the children, practically grabbing cracker crumbs out of their fingers.

Amos didn't like the commotion and hurried back to his mother, but Tamara continued to feed the birds. "I think they like me," she shouted happily.

When the crackers were gone, the birds were gone, too, looking elsewhere for another handout. "Oh, Daddy, it wasn't me the seagulls liked!" said Tamara sadly. "They just wanted crackers! When they got what they wanted, they left!"

Dad nodded. "I'm afraid we're sometimes like seagulls--more interested in what we can get than in the one who gives us our blessings," he said, smiling at her puzzled look. "Our prayers often contain more words likegive me than words like thank you," he explained. "We often should be more thankful for all the blessings Jesus gives us, and also for Jesus Himself."

Before their lunch, Tamara again prayed aloud. Dad smiled as she said, "Thank You, Jesus, for food and nice weather, and for each other and You, and . . ."

How About You?
Have you ever said a prayer of thanksgiving without asking for anything? Have you ever simply said, "Jesus, I love You"? He wants to hear your requests, but sometimes you should just give Him your praise. He deserves it. Why not stop for a moment right now to tell Him about a few things for which you are thankful and also to tell Him you love Him.

Today's Key Verse:
Be thankful to Him (God), and bless His name. (Psalm 100:4)

Today's Key Thought:
Express your thanks to God