Faith in What?

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Dan was delighted when his friend Trent agreed to go with the church youth group to the amusement park. If he has fun, maybe he'll come with me to church sometime, thought Dan.

Trent did have fun, and all too soon the group was back on the bus. As they headed home, the kids discussed their favorite rides. "Just give me the Ferris wheel," Kirsten said firmly. "You'll never catch me on that roller coaster!"

"Why not?" asked Trent. "You don't know what you're missing."

"I sure do," said Kirsten. "I'm missing an upset stomach and a scary ride. What if something would break, and the whole thing fell down?"

"Aw, it's just as safe as the Ferris wheel, Kirsten. You'd have a mighty long fall if that thing fell over when you were at the top," Dan teased. He turned to the youth leader. "The roller coaster is perfectly safe. Isn't that right, Mr. Kirk?"

"Well, all these rides are tested for safety," said Mr. Kirk, "but nothing is foolproof, of course. News reports occasionally tell of a ride breaking down and someone getting hurt, but that's unusual."

"Right, and if something goes bad, it could just as easily be the Ferris wheel that has a problem as the roller coaster," said Trent.

"Yeah," agreed Dan. "Any ride could break down." Trent nodded and grinned at Kirsten.

"When people are on a ride that breaks down, it's an example of putting one's faith in the wrong thing," said Mr. Kirk after a moment. "No matter how much faith they had that the ride was safe, it didn't help. It illustrates that it doesn't matter how much faith a person has. What counts is where his faith is placed."

"Yeah, I guess so," agreed Trent. "There's nothing and nobody a person can really trust all the time, is there? I mean, everything and everybody fails some time or other." He laughed. "Well, so much for faith!"

"Ah, but there's one exception--the Lord Jesus," said Mr. Kirk. "Put your trust in Him. He alone will never fail you."

As Dan leaned back in his seat, he noticed that although Trent looked a bit doubtful, he was listening. Maybe my prayers for Trent will be answered on the way home! thought Dan.

How About You?
Where have you put your faith? Is it in good works? In baptism? In church attendance? In Christian parents? All those things will fail you if you're trusting in them to get you into heaven some day. You will be allowed into heaven only if you place your faith in Jesus Christ. Do that today. (See the ABCs of Salvation at the right.)

Today's Key Verse:
A man is not justified by the works of the law but by faith in Jesus Christ. (Galatians 2:16)

Today's Key Thought:
Put your faith in Jesus