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"Hey, Ron, how are you doing in math?" asked his sister Lori.

"Got an A on my report card," Ron answered happily.

"Well, then let's see if you can figure out this riddle," suggested Lori. "Listen carefully now, okay?" Ron nodded. "A bus with ten people on it stopped and picked up five more," said Lori. "After going two blocks, it let off three people and picked up four. After going another block, it let off four passengers. It made one more stop and picked up two guys." Lori grinned. "Now if you listened carefully, you should be able to tell me how many times the bus stopped."

"Fourteen!" Ron promptly shouted. Then his triumphant grin faded as he realized he had been fooled. "Hey! I thought you were going to ask how many people were on the bus at the end. I was keeping track of that in my head, but I don't remember how many times the bus stopped."

Lori laughed. "Gotcha!" she exclaimed.

Mom overheard the conversation and grinned. "I have a riddle for both of you," she said. "Remember the people who came to the door yesterday selling religious literature?" Lori and Ron nodded. "Okay . . . in what way are those people like Ron?" asked Mom. She smiled at their puzzled expressions. "Guess I'll have to tell you," she said. "Ron and those people are guilty of hearing only what they want to hear."

"I know what you mean about Ron," said Lori. "He heard only the numbers he was listening for. He didn't pay attention to the rest of the story."

"Right." Mom nodded. "And that's not so serious--it was just a riddle. But the people who were in our neighborhood yesterday claim to base their beliefs on what the Bible says--only they don't pay attention to all that it says. They pick out isolated verses or passages but don't study the meaning in light of the whole Bible."

Ron nodded slowly. "So we shouldn't believe someone just because he tells us the Bible says it," he observed. "We should look it up and make sure it agrees with what the rest of the Bible says."

"Right," agreed Mom. "Listen to everything God says on the subject."

How About You?
Do you pay attention to all God says in His Word--or do you pick out only what you want to hear? Don't be fooled by those who claim to believe the Bible but refuse to believe all of it. They'll use the Bible to prove all kinds of things, so pay careful attention to what it really says on any subject. Pay special attention to what it says about Jesus. Remember--anyone who denies that Jesus is God, or says you can get to heaven by any means other than faith in Jesus, is a false teacher.

Today's Key Verse:
All Scripture . . . is profitable for doctrine . . . reproof . . . correction . . . instruction in righteousness.
(2 Timothy 3:16)

Today's Key Thought:
Pay attention to all of God's Word