Use the Light

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Jeremy and his cousin Eric stretched out beside the campfire. "Idon't usually like fish, but those we caught today were yummy!" declared Jeremy.

Uncle Bob nodded in agreement. "Now let's have some spiritual food before we turn in," he said. "I hope you boys remembered your Bibles."

Eric nodded, but Jeremy shook his head. "My dad believes in Jesus, but he says we don't need to read the Bible so much," said Jeremy. "Dad says weak people who can't think for themselves need it." He looked apologetically at Uncle Bob. "But I know you're not weak," Jeremy added.

"Well, I certainly need the Bible," Uncle Bob replied. "The Word of God is a very important part of my life." Taking his Bible, Uncle Bob turned to Psalm 119. "Listen to what God says about it--He calls it a light to show us the way to go." The boys listened while Uncle Bob read several verses and then prayed.

After Uncle Bob finished praying, Jeremy slapped at a mosquito. "I think I better use some bug spray," he said. "Where is it? We have some, don't we?"

"It's in the glove compartment of the car," said Uncle Bob. "We should have known we'd need it."

"We'll get it, Dad," said Eric quickly. "Come on, Jeremy. Maybe we'll see a bear!"

Just a little way into the woods, Jeremy stumbled over a log, and down he went. He stood up and saw that Eric had bumped into an overhanging branch. "Wow! It's dark in this woods. Let's get a flashlight," said Eric, and they turned back.

"I bet you came back for this," observed Uncle Bob when he saw them. He started to hand his flashlight to Jeremy. Then he drew it back. "Hey, wait a minute," he said with a grin, "are you sure these aren't just for weak people who can't see in the dark?"

"What do you mean?" asked Jeremy. "Nobody can see in the dark."

"True," agreed Uncle Bob, "not in the woods nor in life. So why not use the light that can help you through life as well as the light that can help you through the woods?"

"What do you me . . ." began Jeremy. Then he chuckled. "Okay, Uncle Bob, I get the point. You're saying we need the Bible to give us light in our lives. I'll tell Dad about that, but now can we please have that flashlight?"

How About You?
Wouldn't it be foolish to stumble along in the dark if a light is available? There is a light that can help you see what you should do as you go through each day--a light that will help you avoid life's pitfalls. It's the light of God's Word, the Bible. Do you use it? Do you read it regularly? Seek God's help each day. He'll use His Word to show you what is right. Use the light that is available to you.

Today's Key Verse:
Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.
(Psalm 119:105)

Today's Key Thought:
Read and obey the Bible