Miriam Babysits Moses

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"Here, honey. Please entertain your brother for a while," said Mom as she handed Bethany the squalling little boy. "He's been so cranky today, and I need to get some things done."

"But, Mom, I was reading!" whined Bethany as she bounced Casey up and down to quiet him. "The story was just starting to get good."

"Reading will have to wait," said Mom. "Isn't Josie coming over today? I thought maybe the two of you could take Casey for a walk."

"Josie had to babysit, too," Bethany said. "It seems like she has to take care of her little sister almost all the time." Bethany shook her head. "You know, Mom, sometimes Josie's mother calls her Miriam. I wonder if she wishes she'd named her that instead of Josie."

Mom smiled. "You remember the Bible story about Moses, don't you?" she asked. "The king of Egypt was afraid the Israelite slaves would outnumber his people and take over. He gave an order for all boy babies to be killed. But Moses' mother trusted God to save Baby Moses."

Bethany nodded. "I remember. She put him in a little basket in the river, didn't she?"

"Right," said Mom. "And do you remember who watched to see what would happen?"

"Yep. His sister Miriam," said Bethany, "and when the king's daughter found Moses, Miriam got his own mother to take care of him." She grinned. "So Josie's mother calls her Miriam because Josie helps her mom take care of her baby sister just like Miriam helped her mother take care of Moses, right?"

"That's right," agreed Mom. "When Moses led God's people out of slavery in Egypt, I'm sure Miriam was really glad she'd had a part in taking care of him."

"Hey, who knows? Maybe Casey will grow up to be somebody famous, too," said Bethany with a grin. "But it doesn't matter. I'll help you take care of him anyway, Mom. I promise!"

Mom smiled. "Thank you, Miriam," she said.

Bethany looked at her mother in surprise and then laughed. "Oh," she said, "so now I'm your Miriam! That's nice--but I hope Casey just stays Casey. I don't want you to put him on the river in a basket!"

How About You?
When your parents ask for your help, do you willingly agree? God gives specific instructions regarding the parent/child relationship. Your part in this is to honor your parents. That includes respect, love, and obedience. It includes doing what you can to help them. They may not need you to babysit a younger child, but there are many other useful things you can do. Keep in mind how much your parents do for you, and don't grumble when they need help in return.

Today's Key Verse:
"Honor your father and mother," which is the first commandment with promise.
(Ephesians 6:2)

Today's Key Thought:
Be a willing helper