Made to Be Used

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"I've got it!" called Audra, hurrying to answer the phone.

Mr. Bell, the music director from Audra's church was calling. "Audra," he said, "you did a nice job on the solo lines with the junior choir yesterday. How about singing a solo at the church Christmas program this year? I have a song that would suit your voice well."

"I . . . I couldn't," Audra stammered. "The church will be so crowded that night. I'd be too scared!" Mr. Bell encouraged her to think and pray about it, but Audra refused. "Let somebody else do it," she said.

After hanging up, she told her mother about the call. "Why not try it, honey?" Mom encouraged her. "You do have a lovely voice, Audra."

"But what if I forget the words or my voice cracks? I'd rather not sing at all than do it and make a fool of myself," sputtered Audra. "I'll sing when I'm older."

"Well, I do hate to see you just put your voice on a shelf," Mom said as she started supper. Audra was puzzled by her mother's remark, but she didn't ask for an explanation. She was just relieved that the subject was dropped!

That evening, Audra put finishing touches on a scarf she was making to give to her grandma for Christmas. Her mom had taught her how to knit, and the scarf had turned out well. "I think Grandma will like this, don't you, Mom?" Audra asked.

"I'm sure she will. It's very pretty,"Mom replied. "Do you think she'll wear it? Or will she keep it up on a closet shelf and never wear it at all?"

"Keep it on a shelf?" Audra was shocked. "No!I hope not!" she protested. "I made it for Grandma to wear, not to hide away!"

Mom nodded. "And you'd be hurt if she didn't use it, wouldn't you?"

"Well . . . sure," said Audra, "but why wouldn't she use it?"

"Good question," said Mom. "You're right--she will use it. But, Audra, this reminds me of your voice. God gave you a special talent to be used."

"So . . . that's what you meant when you said I shouldn't put my voice on a shelf," said Audra slowly. "You meant I should use it." She sighed. "I know you're right. I'm still scared, but I'll call Mr. Bell and tell him I'll try the song if he hasn't already asked someone else to sing it."

How About You?
Have your ever discovered that someone didn't use a gift you had given? Can you imagine how it would make you feel if that happened? How about the gifts God has given you? Do you use them, or do you refuse to use your talents for fear of failure? Or because you're too busy? Or because you just don't feel like it? God wants you to use your talents, not put them on a shelf.

Today's Key Verse:
Do not neglect the gift that is in you.
(1 Timothy 4:14)

Today's Key Thought:
Use your talents for God